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  • Love, Dream // dreamnotfound
    348K 12.1K 27

    "I don't want to end up hurting you!" George yelled out desperately. Clay fell silent then, his eyes becoming unreadable to George. A wry smile made itself present on his features as he shook his head in what appeared to be disappointment. "You're hurting me right now," Clay replied softly, and George wasn't a strange...

  • A Yellow to Blue Flower // dnf //
    29.3K 579 13

    "It's always to good to be true, so enjoy it while it lasts, cause nothing lasts forever." When George moves to Florida he meets his online best friend Sapnap who introduces him to someone named Clay. George slowly falling in love quickly realizes that he should have stay in England...Or does he. - !DISCONTINUED! - ...

    Completed   Mature
  • your heart sang // dreamnotfound
    1.7M 46.6K 19

    TW: This story heavily deals with the effects of suicide, death, etc. It is a main subject, and a very heavy one. Please proceed forward with caution. They had been inseparable, two hearts that would forever be one- and yet now one was gone, and George was only left to pick up the broken pieces of what had once been...

  • Our Field Of Flowers (dnf)
    166K 4.3K 17

    ||Little reminder I made this book in January of 2021 and my writing has gotten a lot better and this was my first book I ever wrote|| George finds attraction to his friend, but how long will it last until the love sinks in more? Will the love continue or will it finish? George finds amazing friends in town, Dream, S...

  • lavender //dnf//
    1M 25.6K 21

    george has a hard time at home, and one night leaves. he's sort of rescued by a stranger on the beach, but it's not long until they become far more than strangers. does contain: swearing, alcohol, smoking, abuse, angst, nsfw and other possible triggers. #9 in stories

    Completed   Mature
  • Storm // dreamnotfound
    406K 9.3K 28

    DNF book ANGST WARNING ⚠️ there will be trigger warnings at the top of potentially sensitive chapters - After Nick experiences problems of his own, he takes it out on his friends or random people, specifically Clay and George. What happens when the school bully's friend doesn't like they way he's being spoken to, an...

  • Under the Bleachers | (AU) Dreamnotfound
    143K 4.9K 22

    (AU high school) Dream had been set up for failure his whole life. From no Dad to a deadbeat drunk Mom, Dream had to fend for himself. Some might think this situation would make Dream more responsible, but he went down the same path as his mother. From getting high everyday to crashing at his friends house, it seemed...

  • Afflicted Suffocation // DNF
    3.6K 118 1

    A form of intimacy that exceeds friendship is very troublesome, plaguing. George realizes after five years of friendship that he wants more, but he would never ask for it. Dream realizes he wants George, and when he finally gets his hands on him, he couldn't be more grateful. Then, one day, the fun stopped. // This...

  • gream/dreamnotfound one shots
    43 2 2

    trigger warnings in most smut/fluff/sad idk where im going with this

  • heartache | dreamnotfound
    558K 15.2K 21

    #dnf cover art: YU1XAKII Clay has gone through the last few years of his life dealing with his toxic girlfriend JJ. He also has a lot of built up unspoken feelings about his best friend George. His weird behavior has become more noticeable as time goes on. Throughout this story Clay tries to deal with his mentally a...

  • Assassins love // DNF
    765K 25.5K 22

    In a world where assassins very much exist, but you have absolutely no idea that they are even assassins. They camouflage into the real world so easily, you could never spot one unless they wanted to be spotted. However, what happens when an assassin falls in love with someone he shouldn't? Would he risk the possibi...

  • Flame. (Dreamnotfound)
    680K 18.8K 55

    MAJOR CREDIT TO TBHYOURELAME ON AO3!!! (@heytherestilinski on wattpad) "You melt me, Clay. Like a flame atop a candle, you melt me until I'm gone. And it's all because of that stupid fanfiction... plaguing my mind for the rest of time. You're my heatwave, Dream- and this one shows no signs of passing." In which a you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coding His Heart // dreamnotfound
    2.1M 48.2K 27

    Two students struggling to keep their grades and pants up. Will this Florida man survive university in England? (DNF)

  • Home For The Summer ~ A DreamNotFound FanFic
    123K 4.5K 28

    My first finished book. Inspired by the song Home For The Summer by Sara Kays. Clay and George used to be inseparable, but when Clay had to leave the town they had both grown up in together, their friendship slowly faded away. Now, years later, they still hadn't forgotten about each other but were both too scared to r...

    Completed   Mature