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  • Evil Peter Pan X Reader
    151K 3.1K 47

    You wash up on Neverland and met the one and only Peter Pan. You've heard stories about him from your father and don't trust him. Through out the story you both realize you have feelings for each other. Will your fathers stories stop you from loving him or will you go against your father and let your feelings take you...

  • Scorched By Him
    296K 7.7K 47

    {Book One} A young girl born after a one night stand between Captain Hook and The Evil Queen becomes a girl that has a fire talent. She is sent to our world to live and have a shot in life. After her fake father dies, her fake mother hates her because of her fire talent. She goes off into another unfamiliar world call...

  • You Aren't Alone
    20.7K 460 20

    Peter Pan was lonely in Neverland. So he brought the lost boys to Neverland to accompany him. Peter Pan still felt something or someone was missing. Then he meets a girl... Could the girl be the someone that was missing to complete his life in Neverland? Read, vote, and comment some feedback :)

  • What Happens In Neverland (Peter Pan Story)
    376K 8.1K 23

    Henry Mills has been taken to Neverland because Peter Pan wants him. But that's not the only thing Pan wants. Henry has a sister, a little older than him, who is 16. It's his adoptive sister who was also adopted by Regina. Her name is Jessica Mills. Pan wants them both because together they are powerful, more powerful...

  • Trapped *Peter Pan Love Story OUAT*
    207K 5.2K 22

    I lay on my bed, tired. It's been.. what? 2 years since I've seen my brother? Something like that. Oh I miss Henry. Why did our mom have to give us up! I walk away from the window and plop on my bed, thinking my plan over. Yes my plan. I'm running away. I can't take the looks people send me, people thinking of me as s...

  • Lost Girls Always Win (OUAT)
    21.6K 482 25

    Scarlet Rose lives in the Freedom Isles and is the leader of the Lost Girls. One day Peter Pan mysteriously ends up on Freedom Isles and needs help to get back to his home in Neverland.

  • Peter pan's lost girl
    243K 7.3K 41

    Mermaids, beaches, fairies! this place is awesome. someone then snatched the book out my hands. "Mermaids? what is this crap?" I looked up to see Cynthia and her clique. "why do you carry this thing around with you all the time?" I stood up and held out my hand. "give it back." "why? it's not like you can read it, y...

  • Peter Pan Imagines (OUAT)
    2K 31 11

    So this is my first story(if you could hardly call it that) on Wattpad. I will be taking requests! Although, I won't write smut or Homosexual relationships, only because I freaking suck at writing things like that, sorry :( Most of these imagines will be written in First Person POV, adding 'your name' ([Y/N]). But I...

  • The Adventures Of A Lost Girl
    469K 11K 198

    So I'm a huge Peter Pan fan, and I wanted to try writing X Reader shots. These are all 100% mine. I cannot write smut. 💜

  • Peter Pan X Reader
    105K 2.5K 51

    You and Peter Pan may have a marvelous story together. You've had a bad childhood and no one likes you. One day The Shadow takes you off to Neverland where you meet Peter Pan leader of the Lost Boys. Will you two end up together or will someone else get in the way? Read to find out. WARNING: THERE IS BAD LANGUAGE. REA...

  • Pan: Reborn (OUAT: Peter Pan X Reader)
    87.7K 2.5K 17

    As I entered the depths of the Underworld, I found him there. Reunited with the one I loved after seeing him die in my arms, but I wonder...can I bring him back? (Sequel to previous Peter Pan X Reader entitled "Pan")

  • A Little Love Can Thaw a Frozen Heart (ouat Peter Pan x reader)
    63.1K 1.7K 14

    What would you do if a strange boy suddenly landed in your bedroom, saying he can take you to a place where you could never grow up? Would you go with him? Or would you stay in the comfort of your home? What if you started having feelings towards this boy? What if he betrayed you? Would you be able to thaw his frozen...

  • Peter Pan X Reader
    142K 3.2K 22

    In this story, Peter Pan will not be Rumplestiltskin's father, and Is 16. (Yn) "Hookette" (Ymn) Jones, the daughter of one of Peter Pan's worst enemies. You were brought to Neverland after an incident back in Story Brooke. You have powers that took much time in the forest to control. Will you keep that power or will...

  • The Lost Girl (OUAT Peter Pan X Reader)
    390K 11.9K 27

    Imagine you are in an orphanage. One day, you are finally able to leave the orphanage. You throw all of your favorite things and necessary items into a bag. You bring your pets with you. You find your parents and discover they don't want you. You get really upset, and run into a forest, your pets alongside you, and yo...

  • Peter Pan X Reader
    162K 3.4K 13

    (COMPLETED) This is a story between you (reader) and Peter Pan! This is the Peter Pan from the Once Upon A Time series, and if you haven't watched it yet, I would highly recommend it. Its on Netflix! Anyways, I'll be using abbreviations throughout this book for you (for example: (y/n) and (l/n), etc.) at the start of...

  • The Lost Girl (ouat Peter Pan x Reader)
    277K 7.7K 34

    After spending most of your life in foster and your brother leaving you, you start to lose all hope. Until one night a shadow appears at your window and takes you to Neverland where you meet Peter Pan. While at Neverland you discover your own secrets and find something new that you had never experienced. See how Peter...

  • Their power (ouat Peter pan fanfiction)
    160K 3.3K 35

    Scarlett is a 17 year old girl the daughter of Captain Hook and the Evil Queen. Taken away from he parents as a toddler to live in a far off land, never feeling like she belonged until one night a shadow came and took her to Neverland where she falls for Peter pan spending years with him until her mother finds her and...

  • Troubles in Neverland- (OUAT- Peter Pan Fan Fiction) ENG
    373K 8.5K 22

    Kate is a girl shy, quiet and lonely. One night she has the most horrifying nightmare of all, her screaming catches the Shadows attention, and it takes her to Neverland. Peter Pan is the ruthless king of Neverland, he thinks she's innocent and weak. But is he right?? Is she just a little girl? Or is She more than wha...

  • Lost in the Darkness// Peter Pan AU
    157K 4.7K 30

    Goodnight Sleep tight Don't let the shadow take you tonight

  • I'm Your Lost Girl- Peter Pan
    175K 3.4K 13

    "Stop please" I beg. Peter slams me up against a tree and I scream in the pain. He faces is inches away from mine. The face I had kissed only days before. It was filled with anger and jealousy. "Why did you do that? You know you are mine." He yells. "No I am not. I don't belong to anyone." I spit at him. "Say it out l...

  • Neverland's Secrets (A Peter Pan/ Robbie Kay Fanfic)
    339K 9.4K 46

    Alice Sum is a regular teen. She hates her parents and they hate her back. Her sixteenth birthday is coming and all she wants is independence, away from her parents. The night of her birthday Alice sits at her window and wishes on a star. A shadow come and takes her away to Neverland where she meets Peter Pan. Alice...

  • the true Peter Pan
    154K 2.5K 44

    kind, generous, thoughtful, gentle bloody demon, monster, ruthless, merciless can she handle his wrath? can she handle the pain, the tears, the suffering? can she handle all the mixed emotions? in the end, what will be her choice? To stay with the demon with a heart or will she leave and never return? **WARNING!!** t...

  • Soulmates
    60.1K 919 20

    I woke up in a dark jungle. I had no idea where I was until I was greeted with two emerald green eyes. He was the one and only Peter Pan. Go check out @robbiekay_ouat who is the co-creator of this story!

  • I knew you were trouble//Peter Pan x reader (ouat)
    83.6K 1.5K 30

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named y/n, her mother was a hooker and her father was the famous pirate: Killian Jones, she was complete lost in her life.. until she met Peter Pan and fell in love with him.. but is Peter Pan capable of feeling love?? The name "I knew you were trouble" Is based om taylor swift's son...