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  • Blackpink Adventures
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    Smuts. Pretty Wild Stuff... Warning some one-shots may have g!p Mature Content ahead.

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    [ S E X U A L C O N T E N T ] هو رجل مُحرّم تُبيح فِتنته معاشَرة الإثم، مهما بلغَ الثمن. -أنت والدُ خطيبي، وصديقَتي المُفضّلة. -فلنَكُن سرًّا، لن يعرِف أحدٌ عنَّا. -جيون جونغكوك. -ڤيلان كيم.

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  • [Slow updates] Leave Me Lonely - J.K X Y/N 🔞
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    Celebrities shouldn't hook up with strippers. And they sure as hell shouldn't fall in love with them either. Too bad Jeon Jeongguk from BTS did both. This is an original story created by jungkakes and is not a real depiction of who the named characters in this story are in any way. It is fiction. And fiction equals fu...