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  • cancer ➻ lashton ✓
    78.4K 5K 30

    [complete] "it hurts to breathe." "then darling, it's okay to stop."

  • Outside the Lines (lashton)
    106K 3.8K 60

    5 Seconds of Summer are a few shows away from the end of the Where We Are tour back in 2014. Next, they're going to be selling out concerts, playing in stadiums, and living their dreams even more than they are currently. But just because things are wonderful on the outside, doesn't mean things are scratch-free under t...

  • tumblr // lashton
    744K 41.1K 21

    Where two boys meet on Tumblr and suggest music to each other without knowing that they go to the same school. warnings: swearing, self-harm, depression, bullying.

  • goodnight // lashton
    486K 24.6K 25

    Luke and Ashton used to be best friends. They were inseparable. High school came and they faded apart. Two weeks into their freshman year, they stopped taking altogether. Yet every single night, they texted each other "goodnight." What happens when Ashton just can't handle it anymore? warnings: swearing, depression, s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Outcast (a lashton fanfiction)
    21.7K 1.2K 23

    Luke was never the most popular guy in school. He was the nerdy kind of person, good grades and not really great with crushes. He soon realises he's gay...and he's got feelings for his best mate, Ashton Irwin. (dont read this. its bad. I started it 6 years ago, in 2014. please love yourself enough to not read it)

  • Becoming Bad Again
    27.4K 738 9

    Everyone knows the story about how Ashton Irwin used to cut before his band mates befriended him and helped him to stop, right? Well, what happens when he starts to fall again, but this time no one is there to catch him? Can he get better on his own or will he just fall deeper than before?

  • Ticket [lh]
    65.7K 2K 37

    'Hey Megan, got tickets for your friend and you for 5SOS. I'm going with you guys as you needed an 18+ person, so you better be nice to me the next few months.. love you.' 'I'm not Megan, but hi'

  • On Film | C.H.
    33.1K 985 24

    A young videographer wanted her career to finally take off. But she never expected the help to come from four idiots in a band.

  • SUNLIGHT. ━━ ( M. CLIFFORD ) ✓
    35K 1.4K 27

    ▷ SUNLIGHT | in which a troubled girl rants to an inactive tumblr account [ michael clifford x oc ] [ tw: depression + self harm ] - michael is single just for the sake of storytelling pls

  • Fall for You | OT4
    210K 9.3K 83

    luke can't sleep at night, so instead he spends his time dming his favorite band members

  • Locked Door / Lashton
    30.4K 1.9K 22

    "I worry about you, Luke, all you do is sit behind that locked door." cover done by me