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  • Camren smut
    644K 3.4K 33

    I don't own any of these ? and all rights to owners

  • Tumultuous--Alex and Piper Fanfiction
    64K 1K 20

    Alex and Piper fan fiction. Some parts will relate to Orange is the New Black, but I'm going to make my own story line. Smut warning. ENJOY!

    Completed   Mature
  • Stefanielle Quarantined
    195K 4.2K 58

    Hey guys! This is my first story ever, so it's gonna be sucks. English is not my first language, so sorry for my grammar and my spelling. This story will be about Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato, and about how their friendship turned into something different, something stronger. THIS IS A FANFIC NOT A REAL STO...

  • New Love
    69.7K 2.2K 67

    Arizona has 2 daughter's and a son, all with her previous wife, Callie. Callie has moved to New York, leaving Arizona in Seattle. She meets neurosurgeon Amelia Shepherd, who also has a daughter, and quickly starts to realize she wants her. Who knows if they will get a happy ending.

    Completed   Mature
  • Casting Debbie
    30.5K 1.9K 28

    [AU] A-list actress Lou Miller made a small telonova star, Debbie Ocean to pretend to be her girlfriend. +++ *CONVERTED*

  • Curious
    27.3K 567 20

    Is it serious? Taylor's feelings for Laura get a rude awakening at precisely the wrong time, leading to a constant push and pull between the two of them.

  • The Assistant (Stefanielle)
    1.1M 17.4K 40

    You never really expect your lust filled, one night stand to be the same person who's interviewing you for a job to be their assistant. The chances of that happening are slim to none. And it just so happens to be that Danielle is the anomaly. At least it's a nice desk.

  • We Need a New Room Mate (Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato)
    800K 18.4K 72

    Danielle lives with her best friend Jaina in a beautiful, three bedroom house in Seattle. They used to live with another girl named Leah but she moved away. They were certain, and by they I mean Danielle, that they could afford rent with just the two of them living there and turn the spare bedroom into either a walk i...

  • Little Grey's Lesbian Lessons
    2.2K 18 3

    Little Grey has more than a little crush on the super sexy new intern, Sadie. But she has no idea where she would start so she asks the two people she knows that can help her - Callie and then Arizona. Each of them helps her come out of her shell and go for her girl. And neither of them say a word about it once Callie...

  • Anger Management
    1.6K 30 2

    Andy has an idea- how she and Maya can express their anger in a healthier way; Maya agrees. If Andy had been the one to screw Maya instead of Jack Gibson in S3E15 of Station 19. Only with Carina's permission, of course. And as for Sullivan, well, his consent is implied in here somewhere, too. Maya/Andy. Maya/Carina. M...

  • Inside And Out
    1.4K 33 2

    Addison and Naomi have been best friends since before they could remember. They know each other inside and out. So when Naomi sees Addison's near attempts at seducing her ex-husband Sam, she's sure as hell-bent on trying to seduce Addison for herself. Addison/Naomi.

  • Twisted Sisters
    1.4K 30 1

    "What is it, surgeries?" Cristina asks. "Nope," Meredith smirks right back at her. "You're gonna give me a gyno examination" Meredith starts. "Just do to me what you saw Hahn do to Torres," she says as she runs her fingers over Cristina's thigh and tugs at Cristina's sexy boxers she still has from Burke.

  • Arizona's Teddy Bear
    1.2K 12 1

    Arizona and Teddy explore sexually with each other while they are both single. They become friends with benefits and they share stories about their pasts. Friendship. Arizona/Teddy. Rated M.

  • Bragging Rights
    1.4K 31 1

    "Shut up, bitches. I need to get laid. I need to get laid REALLY BAD. So bad that I am going to run naked through the streets and grind a cop if something doesn't happen soon. Will one of you just lie on me and rub around for like, ten minutes?". Amelia rants. And Addison Offers. Amelia/Addison. Rated M.

  • Residents Gone Wild; Parts UN & DEUX
    198 2 2

    Pt. I. In which Stephanie Edwards sleeps her attending Arizona Robbins. Pt. II. In which Stephanie Edwards seeks true love with a very lucky lady (Penny Blake!)

  • Into The Fire
    852 17 1

    Maya Bishop is mad at Andy Herrera she really is. Andy Herrera has a bone to pick with Maya Bishop. Truth is: She wants her. She's always wanted her. She never known if Andy secretly wants her back... Maya/Andy. Station 19. F/F. Rated M. Fanfiction. By @bobbiejelly.

  • Set Fire to the Rain
    1.4K 17 1

    Andy knew in her sixth sense that someone was watching her, that time, in the on call room when she had her pants off and she moved against her hand. And now she wishes that a special someone will run into the shower with her. And who was to know that her fantasy was about to come true... As per your request, thank yo...

  • Amezona one-shots (labeled collection)
    45.4K 476 21

    Smut. Read at own risk. -Arizona Robbins -Amelia Shepherd

  • Emergency Use Only
    7.3K 107 2

    Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca have sex at Station 19. They also slide down the fire pole (and not necessarily in that order, either). OR: When Carina asks Maya if she can slide down the firepole, the fire captain says it's for emergency use only... ;). F/F. Maya Bishop/Carina DeLuca. Marina. Station 19. Grey's Anatomy...

  • Amelia's MRI Ride
    1.9K 38 1

    When Carina DeLuca offers Amelia a chance to bring herself pleasure all in the name of science, it is an offer she cannot refuse.

  • Just Admit It, Shepherd
    1.6K 41 1

    Amelia was just sleeping in some on-call room. Just sleeping, right?

    Completed   Mature
  • Stefanielle/Marina One Shots
    393K 7.2K 36

    A collection of Stefanielle and Marina One Shots Comment/message me ideas if you want a specific storyline!

  • Amezona Quarantined
    23.7K 325 8

    Arizona and Amelia are quarantined in their own house. Sofia is with Callie in NY. What will happen when Arizona gets bored?