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  • Trapped In (2)
    28.1K 1.2K 38

    Lillian Perkins is having a horrible day from start to finish and a clueless Dakota Thornton waltzing into her workplace in need of a book for his sister doesn't exactly bring her stress level down. Not to mention getting stuck in an elevator with him because, after that, she can't quite seem to shake him. That prett...

  • Pulled In (3)
    2K 171 19

    ☆ symphony harris has just graduated after two years at a university her parents chose for her. feeling annoyed with her parents' suffocating nature and controlling attitudes, she leaves their home determined to live her own life free of all pressure and obligation. by chance she finds what seems to be the perfect jo...

  • Epistle (#1)
    257K 14.4K 56

    IN WHICH a boy needs a tutor and a tutor just really needs a friend. *extended summary inside* [[ series of texts and messages. ]] Highest ranking: #99 in Teen Fiction #3 in #projectlovecliches #1 in #expressyourself #24 in #letters #8 in #dialogue #1 in #speakingmymind SHOUTOUT to @-wayfarer for getting first place...

  • Enunciate (#2)
    48.6K 3.6K 53

    IN WHICH a girl is left with a broken heart and a boy is surrounded by broken rules. *extended summary inside* [[ a series of texts and messages ]] -Sequel to Epistle but reading Epistle beforehand isn't necessary - #507 in Teen Fiction #3 in #projectbrave "I have my exams going on and this book is soooo addictive...

  • Earnestly (#3)
    32.5K 1.8K 51

    IN WHICH a girl's heart yearns earnestly for a boy who doesn't deserve her. *extended summary inside* [a series of text messages] (third story in my text series. only a small connection to Enunciate in this. you may read this as a stand alone.) #14 in #textstory #3 in #unrequitedlove #183 in #badboyneighbor "Awe this...

  • Snowed In (1)
    34.5K 1.8K 26

    Just one week from Christmas, Sam Thornton and her twin brother are inconvenienced with the news of new neighbors who, unfortunately, have been befriended by their overly social parents. So when they are forced to hang out with the Baker's son for the evening, they expect an awkward night of sitting on their phones a...

  • Once Upon a Summer (Being Edited)
    803 154 45

    Lena Moss is sent to New Hope Christian Camp after a night of revenge goes south, sending her single father over the edge. Lena is thrust into the care of her estranged Aunt Lou, the sister of her runaway mother, director at the camp. Trying to keep the promise to her father that she will change, Lena is forced to spe...

  • A Secret Service [NOW PUBLISHED]
    22.1M 1M 60

    Now available in paperback! "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to dislocate your other shoulder, just to make them even." She cocked her head and gave the main guy a sickly sweet smile. "I'm going to break your...

  • The Reformation Wars: A Hero's Peace
    420 53 19

    (Volume 6 of the Reformation Wars series) Manfred Rickland now leads Monterayne's Knights of a New Era through a perilous time of war and instability among the eastern nations. Despite the best efforts of knights, soldiers, and diplomats alike, the power hungry Innutukian Empire creeps closer and closer as the months...

  • The Reformation Wars: Countdown to Catastrophe
    241 46 16

    (Volume 5 of the Reformation Wars series) Manfred Rickland is proving himself to be a reliable member of Monterayne's budding Knights of a New Era. Having fought on the kingdom's side during the hungry Innutukian Empire's first true invasion one year ago, he now prepares and trains for the inevitable return of hostil...

  • The Reformation Wars: Conflicts Rekindled
    433 91 28

    (Volume 4 of the Reformation Wars series) Princess Katherine Alder is many things--an archer, a political reformer, and a socialite, but worst of all, she is one of two remaining in the royal family line. The only member of the current generation, the task falls on her shoulders alone to continue the Alders' legacy...

  • The Reformation Wars: The Venerable Rogues
    520 67 17

    (Volume 3 of the Reformation Wars series) Having resigned their knighthood 5 years ago, Tom Holt and his three closest friends now undergo a self-imposed exile from Monterayne. Ranging across the countryside on horseback and serving as uninvited participants in the battles of the ongoing war with the Innutukian Empir...

  • The Reformation Wars: A Knight's Trial
    504 66 13

    (Volume 2 of the Reformation Wars series) Tom Holt is an unwilling lone wolf among his brethren in Monterayne's respected Knights of the King's Table and finds himself turned into their errand boy. He wears himself thin carrying out tasks both boring and exhilarating, dangerous and menial alike. Meanwhile, unrest co...

  • The Reformation Wars: The Unmarked Swordsman
    1.2K 167 19

    (Volume 1 of the Reformation Wars series) Tom and Alden Holt, both members of Monterayne's illustrious Knights of the King's Table, are related by blood and occupation, but hardly in spirit. Nonetheless, they have both been assigned to the protection of one Senator Alice Delquez as she embarks on a diplomatic mission...

  • The Black Rose
    662 140 32

    "What makes you think you can stop us, foolish pest?" "Why, I'm not unlike a man with a revolver in hand. Six shots, each as capable of killing you as the others." ----- The Sinhe Confederation's iron grip on the simpler people of the Yurvhan region has never squeezed tighter. The vanquished land swarms with troops...

  • A Solemn Promise
    639K 41.2K 32

    As Lord Adam Beresford left Ashwood, Hertfordshire for the training and education of a gentleman, he promised to return and marry his childhood best friend, and the only girl he could see himself marrying, Grace Denham. Neither of them foresaw that it would be twelve years until they would meet again. A lot has chan...

  • Healing Wounds
    514 169 24

    This is a chicklit story that depicts some aspects of African culture. It centers around the story of two women, Adaora Bullocks and TaraOluwa Bullocks and their journey from pain and despair to joy and happiness as God the Almighty Father heals their wounds. But he was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised...