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  • Of Lies and Lips (BoyxBoy)
    402K 19K 31

    Carter Vanroy and Jordan Sullivan have always been close, even on terms of best friends, but that was all it ever was, and all it ever would be. Because Carter is straight, and completely caught up in the beauty that is Caroline Olsen. And Jordan is still getting over Carmen Huego and swears his relationship with Ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always (Boyxboy)
    244K 12.5K 31

    The story of Tyler Amore and Pierce Bradford. It's frustrating and messy, but so are they.

    Completed   Mature
  • You Can't Choose (BoyxBoy)
    497K 26.3K 35

    Collier has never needed many people in his life. His two best friends had always been there for him, and his father made up for the support that his mother lacked, but when both of his friends find them self's in serious relationships, and his mother forced Cole to live with her after his parents divorce, Collier fin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Things I Hate About Adrian Vang (BoyxBoy)
    644K 27.4K 28

    Ezra Drake hated Adrian Vang with a burning passion for reasons the even he himself could not explain. That's why he was so surprised when their first study session included him fucking the smaller boy into his couch.

    Completed   Mature
  • Between the Lines
    52.6K 5.1K 17

    [BxB] Alexander Smith has a love-hate relationship with trashy online novels, scoffing at the problematic main leads, clueless protagonists and the rampant use of cliches. He never understood why the kind protagonist always chose the abusive 'badboy' main lead in every inane love-triangle, especially when there was a...

  • Sheets | ✓
    11.3M 474K 56

    [BxB] Waking up next to someone after having a little too much to drink was no new, riveting story in this day and age. Waking up next to another boy, when you were also a boy, was a little more interesting, but still nothing to write home about. But waking up in Nico Beckett's sheets? To Wesley, it was a nightmare c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bonding With The Enemy (BxB)✔
    1.3M 87.9K 36

    Darren is a rogue werewolf with the ability to see the dead. One day, his aunt calls him back to his old pack to help figure out why their children are going missing. Unfortunately this means he has to work closely with the man who bullied him back in school, Jasper Trotter, who is also next in line to become Alpha. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thrive in Catastrophe by 焦糖冬瓜
    2.2M 74.2K 105

    In the future the world has been ravaged by the Comet Virus. Most of the world's population has been infected and transformed into zombies. To combat this, the government has developed an offset of the original strain, known as the X-virus. This allows for a special forces task force with extraordinary strength and...

  • Heaven Official's Blessing (extras)
    233K 3.5K 8

    Author(s) Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù 墨香铜臭 Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was beloved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm...

    248K 12.4K 154

    Link : Author(s) : Xi And Qing 羲和清零 Translations by : AsianHobbyist ( Ayyshadow ( Year : 2016 Status : 161 Chapter...

  • The legendary master's wife (English) Part 1 : chapter 1 - 185
    766K 27.8K 145

    Chuanshuo Zhi Zhu De Furen (The legendary master's wife ) by Yin Ya Novel status: Finished, 713 chapters + 18 extras Translation status: Ongoing SUMMARY: After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with dubious potential, so just when he starts to...

    176K 8K 72

    *NOTE: I'M NOT THE RIGHTFUL OWNER OF THIS TRANSLATION(SUMMARY). THIS IS SOLELY FOR MY OFFLINE READING. **CTTO: According to wintertranslates, this is not totally a translation but kinda "summary translation". Though it does not feel like a summary though. Plot: The year he was f...

    Completed   Mature