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  • Permanent Vacation (LASHTON)
    74.4K 4.3K 40

    Ashton Irwin has finally finished high school and to celebrate his Friend Jack is inviting all his friends to stay in his dad's beach house all summer. Ashton can't wait to relax but when he meets the Hemmings twins relaxing isn't in the cards. Luke And his brother Jake Hemmings are pretty similar but also very dif...

    Completed   Mature
  • colours // l.h.+a.i. ✔️
    61.3K 2.9K 17

    ashton is an art student who is infatuated with his punk classmate luke art student!ashton tattooed!luke highest rank- #331 Short Story Copyright - All Rights Reserved @StyPotter August 10, 2015

  • Barista Boy ; Lashton (c.s)
    980 72 1

    ❝Here's your coffee! Enjoy!❞ ❝Thanks, you too!❞ or the one where Ashton is a barista boy at the local café and Luke is just an awkward mess of a customer who can never get it right.

  • street racer | lashton c.s
    758 53 5

    "You know street racing is illegal right?" "As sure as I know that you're a new cop." or the one where luke is a street racer, ashton is a police officer, michael is a graffiti artist, and calum really like cute little animals (and colourful boys named michael)

  • Doubled <Lashton>
    183K 10.8K 52

    I was none other then Reed Hemmings twin brother, that was what I was known for. It was not anyone's fault but my own, I showed up halfway through the school year of his and my own eleventh year. Our parents were separated, but due to a little..Incident with my own father, I was forced to come live with Reed and my m...

  • The Other Hemmings [Lashton]
    8.1K 543 11

    Ashton needs some help with math, so his teacher gets him a tutor. His tutor just so happens to be related to a certain cocky and obnoxious, Hemmings. © 2015, DORR

  • EGL // lashton
    948K 54.6K 60

    「 chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon 」 - christopher poindexter in which ashton is a cold blooded murderer and reckless criminal in a gang, and luke is an innocent and compassionate boy who can't help but fall in love

    Completed   Mature
  • 11:12 ; Lashton ✓
    438K 26.9K 32

    the one where Luke's a little fuckboy who texts bitches at 11:12, making their wishes come true. book one of the 11:11 series.

  • Colored Bracelets (Lashton)
    71.5K 4.2K 16

    A story in which colored bracelets determine how far one will go or has already gone. Luke Hemmings was quite the collector and Ashton Irwin was shy and determined enough to enter the collection game. [#91 Fan Fiction] [1st Place Undiscovered Lashton (Bromance Awards 2015)]

  • how to make a mixtape :: mgc (fin.)
    62K 7.6K 47

    in which a girl with an accent is scared of talking, but a boy finds a way to hear her voice.

  • ✾ ❃ fifteen ✾ ❃
    1.7K 136 20

    "Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday." • • • A story where Ashton gave his everything to a boy who changed his mind , leaving him broken and insecure .

  • •kik messaging• lashton (discontinued)
    17.6K 1.1K 39

    luke accidentally kiks ash and being the flirty ass he is, he continues to kik him. »lowercase intended«

  • Choking on a drop of water [l.h. + a.i.] [Swimming club series]
    283 20 2

    The first part of Swimming club series. You probably know someone you hate to death. So you can imagine how Ashton felt about Luke. And maybe it was even worse. They both are on the same swimming team. They both see each other twice a day, 7 days a week. They both hate each other. They both don't know why. Will it eve...

  • pet rock // lashton
    145K 10.2K 27

    The simplest things can remind you of someone. Even when you lose them, and get them back again, and lose them again. ~ In which Luke gave Ashton a pet rock when they were younger and Ashton looks at it every now and then to remind him of Luke. ~ warnings: swearing, abuse, depression, self-harm, suicidal.

  • tumblr // lashton
    734K 40.7K 21

    Where two boys meet on Tumblr and suggest music to each other without knowing that they go to the same school. warnings: swearing, self-harm, depression, bullying.

  • infatuation // lashton
    122K 8.7K 28

    in·fat·u·a·tion (inˌfaCHəˈwāSH(ə)n) noun an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. "he had developed an infatuation with the boy" {based off the song A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay}

    Completed   Mature
  • Invisible | l.h & a.i.
    56.8K 3.9K 33

    You see, Ashton wasn't the best noticed person when he went to a cafe across from his street. He was always a shy, quiet, guy, he hardly talked to anyone, but when Ashton meets this singer at a cafe, named Luke Hemmings, Ashton instantly gets noticed by Luke. Guess Ashton didn't think he was invisible after all. @nuuh...

  • graffiti ☾ lashton
    3.2K 156 2

    ashton, the town's best artist, gets shown up by a masked graffiti king. © volcainhoe. all rights reserved. ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

  • Kiss Me, Kiss Me ♢ Lashton
    7.6K 433 3

    Luke has basorexia towards Ashton, but Ashton hates the very thought of being kissed.

  • The Bodyguard [Lashton AU]
    939K 46K 34

    Ashton Irwin is a hot and famous celebrity that all the people love, look up to, or despise. He's cocky, selfish, and always puts himself before others. Despite his personality, he's pretty much wanted by everyone in the world. But when things escalate to the point that Ashton nearly gets kidnapped, his manager assig...

  • Don't ; Lashton
    208K 11.4K 44

    ‟my mother always warned me to stay away from drugs and alcohol, but she never warned me about blue eyes and a beating heart” or luke's a punk who rides his skateboard by a pristine private school everyday, ashton is a kid who attends a private school where he just wants to be free ⓒ 2014 whatashton

    Completed   Mature
  • on top ୨୧ lashton
    161K 7.5K 26

    Ashton Irwin is innocent. Maybe a bit too innocent. Luke Hemmings is the opposite, the total and complete opposite. Luke likes sex, Ashton likes Ed Sheeran. Luke likes dirty jokes, Ashton likes reading. Luke likes dick, and he's not sure if Ashton does also. But Luke wants Ashton to. More specifically his dick. [COVER...

    Completed   Mature
  • Good Boy (Lashton)
    611K 27.1K 39

    Luke is a nerdy straight A student by day, but when night comes he looses the nerd act and turns into his real self. *Completed!*

  • Lashton: My Sister's Boyfriend
    1.1M 37.9K 72

    Ashton Irwin is at the edge of a breakdown for a high school student. His grades are low, his friends are starting to exclude him from their hangouts due to some stupid rumor and what's worse...His sister's boyfriend is...Acting a little strange lately? 【ファイヴ・セカンズ・オブ・サマーのファンフィクション】 [boy x boy] {Lashton Fanfiction/Five...

  • It's Just A PR Stunt. Right?
    63.1K 3.3K 30

    Two different bands, Four different boys, One stunt to change it all. *Has only been edited and revised up to Chapter 10*

  • chasing rubies (lashton)
    20.1K 1K 6

    What’s Ashton supposed to do if he ends up sharing the cabin with a cute counselor? The original can be read on AO3 here: