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  • Jeepney Love Story
    5.5K 3.2K 13

    La Deś Stefano Series #1 **** "Kailangan ko na siyang layuan at iwasan. Ito ang dapat kong gawin, upang maiwasan ang paggulo ng buhay ko." Wika ni Almhera Isabelle Dela Vega sa kaniyang sarili. Isang babae na puro positibo ang iniisip at namumuhay ng normal sa La Deś Stefano. Hangad niya lamang sa buhay ay makapagtapo...

  • The Angel Found Salvation (Editing)
    1K 292 13

    Rina Parker earned the title "Angel of Death" because of her skilled and accurate killings. Rina a pitiful girl with a dark past trying to escape the sharp claws of life, and suppressing her hatred for men and mankind in general, by becoming a killer. Four years later, due to an incident she retires, but after ten mon...

  • Spring (Rewriting)
    916 67 3

    After moving to Yokohama, Japan for a change after an incident. A year and half later, 15-year old Hatori Yuuma enrolled in a school nearby, and his life as an highschooler began. Three days later, after falling asleep in class and getting lost trying find the gym, Yuuma stumbled upon a group of boys bullying a much...

  • Failed to Love You (Gopez Series #1)
    2.6K 1.1K 45

    Xiayi Roquez was in highschool when she met someone, Zechariah Gopez. At that time,they aren't able to handle their relationship because of their young age. But do you believe in 'True love'? Do you believe in destiny? Is 'First love never dies' true? #1 Trueloveneverdies #1 newbook

  • Falling For Cupid
    2.4K 467 27

    Genre: Romance/ GenFic "Broken hearts are meant to heal and promises are meant to seal."- Olympus When the god of love himself fall in love with the girl named Psyche. Book 1 of 6 Date Started: August 20, 2020 Date finished: Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures I used on making the book cover so credits to the real ow...