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  • Made Me Stronger (Urban)
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    ****URBAN BOOK**** ...

    596 20 3

    Cece tell Rocky how she feels about Gunther.

  • Shake It Up Tv
    772 5 3

    What if you could send your questions to the cast of Shake It Up? Inside is a Interview of the cast of Shake It Up answering your questions! Victoria is my OC character!

  • Shake It Up! Living it Up! (Fanfic)
    10.6K 115 17

    Join Rocky, CeCe, Deuce and Flynn along with the other infamous characters from the Disney Show Shake It Up! As they Live it up! What will happen at this party???? Will mistakes be made? Tears be shed? Fights occurred? Read to find out!

  • Shake It Up Love Story (Rogan)
    3.4K 76 7

    When rocky and Logan start dating it doesn't take long, for the others to find out. While their relationship is going somewhat well, Logan's best friend comes to Chicago, will their relationship stay as it is? or will it go worse?

  • Shake It Up Mistery of the missing charm bracelet
    760 8 1

    Rocky and Cece found a perfect present for Tinka,a beautiful charm bracelet.But when Cece starts wearing it while dancing on Shake it up Chicago she realizes that she lost it.Now everyone is in the case to try to find the missing charm bracelet.But will they find it in time?

  • The Unnacceptable
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    Rocky is harbouring a secret crush. However, this secret crush is not just on anyone. Rocky Blue has a crush on Logan. Yes, Logan. CeCe, her best friend's, step brother. Eventually, they begin to date and once CeCe finds out, all hell breaks loose. CeCe really hates the idea of her best friend dating her brother and s...

  • shake it up:romance it up
    17K 228 12

    a story of shake it up it is a story on how Cece Gunther Rocky Deuce Ty and Tynka all fall in love its got lots of drama and romance in it Cece, Rocky, Gunther and Tynka are all 15 Deuce is 16 Ty is 17 and Suzy & Flynn is 13

  • This That and a Whole lot of Shake it up
    10.5K 250 18

    Cece and Rocky find out that there was a murder that happened at Shake it up Chicago. What now? Well Cece doesn't care as much as Rocky. Rocky cares because she KNOWS this guy. Can they find this out?

  • ZENDAYA SERIES BOOK #3: Zendaya Lyrics
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    Learn, all the songs by Zendaya, with this lyric book! STEPS: ♥PLAY SONGS ♥FOLLOW ALONG ♥SING!!