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    Name: Uraraka Ochako Age: 33 Interested in: Women/Men Bio: She/Her, Single Mom, Planetarium Specialist, Capricorn I am newly divorced and looking to take things slow, must be good with kids/understanding of schedule flexibility. After almost eleven years of marriage and two years of separation Ochako's relationship wi...

  • Sugar, Spice and A Little Ice {KiriBaku x OC AU}
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    This is an AU of the books My Hero and My Savior. Please be aware that there will be spoilers for My Savior here, as well as mature content. Third year is coming to a close and some of class A's celebrations have lead to revelations that can't be ignored. Kirishima has never exactly hidden his admiration for Bakugo or...

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  • The Dating Game {Kaminari DenkixOC/Natsuo TodorokixOCxTenya Iida}
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    Brought to you by @0takuwu and Deviant_Paradise: When two confused and lonely hearts are trapped in a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven the most obvious course of action is to fake date! Kozai has been pining over Shinso ever since the start of the school year. The two became close thanks to a string of insomnia that al...

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  • Kindling {Dabi}
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    There aren't many people willing to fight Life and Fate head on, but Ryoko would be the first in line if she could. Having been dealt so many blows that she's hit rock bottom, Ryoko has given up. It's crashed against those rocks that she first meets Dabi, who looks like her punishing, angry fate come to life. So, of c...

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  • Twisted {Bubaigawara Jin/ Twice}
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    Be it an act of good luck or the intervening hand of fate, Jin stumbles into the path of Fujita Atsuko. While Atsuko is a bit of a lost soul herself, Jin is baffled to find a kindness and compassion that is rare to find in people hardened by the world. Though Jin knows that he isn't necessarily a good man, Atsuko clai...

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  • Virulence {Seiji Shishikura}
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    When things combust with her longtime boyfriend, Morishige Tomiko wants nothing more than to get out of the apartment full of painful memories. It's seeking while seeking shelter with her childhood friend Utsushimi Camie that Morishige is connected with Shishikura. Looking for a roommate willing to put up with Shishik...

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  • Closer {Eijiro Kirishima}
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    When two separate nights of celebration cross paths in the form of a one night stand, both parties expect to part and never see one another again. Fate, however, has a funny way of intervening when they meet work. Ever a man with a heart of gold, Kirishima finds himself feeling guilty for using her for one...

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  • Rewrite History {Shota Aizawa}
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    SEQUEL TO CALL MY NAME SPOILERS IN THE SYNOPSIS It's been years since Aizawa was sent back to the moment his and Emiko's relationship fell apart the first time. In that time, the events of Call My Name are little more than a dream to him, though he has moments of deja vu. Dreams that he can't explain, but the life the...

  • Inflatable Hearts MHA {Mezo Shoji}
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    "Keep outta my way fatty, or else I'll blast you into next year!" She snapped her gum with a pop that made several students stare, an unimpressed expression on her face. "Fatty, how original. You listen up bomb omb and listen good. If you keep running your mouth I'm gonna come sit on you." Shoji Mezo learned long ago...

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  • Knockout {Katsuki Bakugo}
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    The first time Olivia Harris imagined international travel it wasn't to Japan. She most certainly didn't expect to be forced into a vacation after an injury leaves her unable to get back into the octagon...possibly for good. To let off some steam and keep in shape she finds the only thing deemed worthy of her attentio...

  • Upon Angel Wings {Shouto Todoroki}
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    The Hero Public Safety Commission. Hikaru Takami is well aware that their eyes are on her in they same way they've been trained on her brother. They expect her to rocket toward the highest ranks just like Keigo if not higher, as they prepare to go to UA. In the meantime, to acclimate her to a be around other students...

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  • Hollow Creek {BNHA/MHA AU}
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    Just outside the sleepy town of Hollow Creek lie two of the largest cattle ranches in all of Yuuei County. The All Might Cattle Ranch is well known for being a place where all are welcome and a smiling face is worn every day, while the Endeavor Steer Ranch is known for breeding the best bulls money can buy. As much as...

  • My Savior {Tenya Iida}
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    Sequel to My Hero In the process of recovering from injuries sustained at the the sports festival, Kohiko Todoroki is forced to watch her boyfriend suffer. No amount of soft words or gentle touches are helping Tenya move past the near fatal injuries Tensei faced at the hands of the hero killer: Stain. While she's str...

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  • Twisted Sins {Tomura Shigaraki} ON HOLD
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    From the moment Shigaraki was brought under the care of All for One, he's been protected. By his master and the girl hidden in the shadows. She was given one purpose by her master: watch over Shigaraki. Daitan Reiko has been in All for One's care as long as she can remember. She owes him her life, so when Daitan is c...

  • Black Cats & Voodoo Dolls {Hitoshi Shinso}
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    Discovering a quirk is meant to be a joyous occasion, but for Shizumi Nakamura it's more like a nightmare come to life. She never meant to hurt her friends, but anytime pain was imminent her quick activated causing those closest to her injury. Shunned by her peers and family alike as though she were a villain, Shizumi...

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  • My Hero MHA (Tenya Iida)
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    Years of abuse and neglect have left Shoto Todoroki's twin bitter and lonely. Forced to train herself, Kohiko has vowed to raise to the rank of hero with her twin in order to keep him safe, but along the way she meets two boys who remind Kohiko just what it means to be a hero. Cover by @chuchudokidoki

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  • Call My Name {Shota Aizawa} MHA
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    *What It Takes To Be A Hero stand-alone* "You should be getting more sleep, Aizawa. You can't live on coffee your entire life." "You should eat less sweets, but here we are." Being a hero wasn't in Emiko Seo's plan growing up. She simply wanted to aid those who put their lives on the line, but after thirteen years as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Binding Crescendo {Hanta Sero}
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    When Kyoka is seriously injured in a villain attack her older sister, Kazuko, books the first available flight back to Japan. Six and a half years building a music career in America has her walking into a world where Heroes are made human and the humor of some manage to capture the heart of a woman who's kept the worl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Queen of Hearts MHA {Denki Kaminari}
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    No one expected Katsuki Bakugo to be the first in his friend group to make a marriage proposal, in fact everyone thought he'd be the one to end up alone. What with his prickly personality and explosive temper. However, that's exactly what's happening in two weeks. The thrill of excitement for their favorite explodo bo...

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  • Number One {Mirio Togata} MHA
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    *What It Takes To Be A Hero Book 1* "Heroes are just fragile men pretending to be better than they really are." Quirkless. The only child of Toshinori Yagi is quirkless, not that she minds. Watching her father spend his life chasing villains has left the girl with a bitter taste over the word "Hero". Everyone who know...