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  • ✓ forget me - na jaemin
    26.4K 1.2K 23

    "i need you to forget me" "i cant. i need you." in which jaemin texts the girl who broke up with him. texting format and swearing used. highest ranking: #2 in najaemin

  • ✓ exchange student - huang renjun
    73.2K 5.7K 32

    "weren't you that exchange student in high school?" - in which renjun meets his soulmate who he went to high school with highest rankings: #34 huangrenjun #8 renjun #6 nctrenjun #1 nct #1 nctdream #1 nct127 #2 nctu #3 zhongchenle #1 jaemin #5 mark #30 kpop #6 haechan #3 leejeno

  • ✓ coffee shop - na jaemin
    110K 6.4K 35

    "i think you're my soulmate." "dude, just take your coffee." +in which jaemin meets his soulmate in a coffee shop soulmate au. swearing used. highest ranking: #1 nana #2 jaemin #7 jaeminff #35 najaemin #1 jisung #1 donghyuck #1 chenle #1 nct127 #2 nctdream #6 mark

  • ✓ b word - lee haechan/donghyuck
    81.9K 5.8K 34

    "god you are such a b word to me!" "just say i'm a bitch and get it over with." + in which haechan's soulmate happens to be the girl who attempted to break up his two friends. soulmate au. swearing used. highest ranking: #2 leedonghyuck #1 kpop #6 haechan #10 donghyuck #1 nctdream #1 jaehyun #3 winwin #1 taeyong #16...

  • WRONG NUMBER - Jung Sungchan
    98K 6.3K 38

    "My fucking bully texted me what the fuck"

  • [✏]Bully in Love ❤//Eng.Ver//
    1.6K 35 5

    a love story that start from bullying ^엔시티*지성^ Jisung^ff

  • almost | park jisung
    33.9K 1.2K 19

    Almost. I almost took my life away. But you came along and made me changed my mind. Park Jisung, the popular group in school decide that he have and need to do something to stop the bullying. Little did he not know, he actually saved a life. Not just any life. His soulmate's life. started: 6 june 2018 ended: 19 a...

  • bully~~Na Jaemin
    67.9K 1.6K 22

    her bully gets a dare to act as he loves her to make her fall in love but will it be him or her? will Jaemin be able to brake her heart or will Jisoo be able to brake his heart? I update 1 or 2 a week:) thank you for reading enjoy<3