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  • Ժօղե Ӏҽե ցօ
    62.8K 3.4K 32

    "It's like my brain is playing hide and seek.. only one day I won't find it." Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles had been best friends since kindergarten. The pair was inseparable. At age fifteen, they became more than just bestfriends. At age sixteen, there is a diagnosis, and the world come crumbling down on them. L...

  • Detention ➳ Larry
    10.1M 254K 45

    Detention is supposed to be a punishment, but for Louis and Harry, it's the start of something beautiful. Unfortunately, what starts off as a harmless love affair quickly takes a turn for the worse. Through all the stereotypes, judgments, family issues, and demons from the past, Louis and Harry struggle to stay stro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poems
    806 44 18

    A collection of poems, stories, and life lessons.

  • They Just Don't Know You (Larry Stylinson AU: A/B/O)
    557K 17.2K 50

    (Co-Written with Doggynikki97 aka Nicole aka BooBear :3) *This is what Nicole and I do when we're bored. We started this back in early spring and we have enough written already to make this story like... 70 chapters long. Rough Estimate. I don't see an ending in sight. Hope you all like it. x* Harry is the alpha that...

  • Boxers & Panties ~ l.s
    878K 39.6K 29

    World famous boxer Harry Styles has been pining over cute, cross dressing Starbucks barista Louis Tomlinson for who knows how long. Little does he know that Louis Tomlinson feels the exact same way. highest rating: #33 in fanfiction 10/12/15 Also on AO3- Port...

  • 17BLACK
    5.5M 195K 92

    17Black: a gay strip club in London known for hot strip teases, a talented dj, and matchmaking? Harry is moving to London as a new addition to 17Black - new penthouse, hot job, amazing pay - sounds great. Sure it is a clear violation of Harry's sexuality, but it's not gay unless you make it gay, right? Plus it's only...

    Completed   Mature
  • Playboy » L.S
    2.8M 115K 48

    I was captivated, but he was all too good at his profession: Harry Styles, Playboy. © heartagust, All Rights Reserved. (Larry with some Ziam)

  • My Daddies {Mpreg} (Zourry)
    3.3M 121K 83

    Louis was a sugar baby at heart and all he had to do was find a suitable sugar daddy. Well, he sure has hell didn't really expect to find one, let alone two! This is a story about Sugar Baby Louis Tomlinson and his Sugar Daddies, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. This is not a Larry fic. This is not a Zouis fic. This is no...

    Completed   Mature
  • toys || l.s
    350K 12.1K 15

    all his life, louis has been a bit off. while his friends were ecstatic to grow up, louis dreaded it. he wanted to stay little forever. he wanted to play with dolls and play dress up with his sisters. as he grew older, louis began to understand nothing is wrong with him. he just enjoys to stay young and pure, unlike h...

  • Selectively Mute - Omega!Louis, Alpha!Harry, mpreg (#wattys2016)
    2.2M 109K 137

    In Louis' world, Omega's are taken advantage of and no one blinks an eye. However, what happens when he moves into a world where Omega's are treasured by most. Then, what happens when he meets Harry, the Omega and Alpha clicking instantly. But, not everything can go smoothly, can it, even though you have your everythi...

    Completed   Mature
  • My House
    629K 29.3K 52

    "You're going down, Styles."

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong Number |l.s|
    363K 13.3K 61

    Unknown Number: Alright, love you mum Louis: I think you've got the wrong number Unknown Number: Wait, so this isn't my mum? Louis: No, it's your daddy Unknown Number: Louis: Unknown Number: Louis: ;)

  • The Gay Project
    646K 29.9K 41

    "I feel like I should suck your dick." "That's the point."