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  • The Perfect Pair (Severus x Reader)
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    Y/N is the twin sister of Lily Evans. Like her sister, Y/N is a witch. She discovered this when a boy named Severus Snape told her sister and her that they were both witches. Y/N befriends Severus Snape and goes to Hogwarts together. She has a little crush on Severus. Does Severus feels the same or think of her as a f...

  • The Werewolf's Twin
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    Y/n Lupin is the older twin sister of Remus Lupin. She is scratched by Fenrir Greyback when Fenrir Greyback attacked the Lupin's home. Y/n has a big appetite and has glowing amber eyes when she gets angry. She receives her Hogwarts letter on her 11th birthday. She worries about not fitting in Hogwarts and scared that...