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  • She's Too Good for You
    1.3K 55 2

    Shadowsan finds himself having to be Black Sheep's dad

  • Tired Of Running
    845 17 2

    Carmen Sandiego was getting tired of running. She missed Gray more and more with each passing day, and wanted nothing more than to meet him again, talk like old times and... And what? Just having her friend back felt big, but almost like something was still missing...

  • When Birds Fly //Soulmate Feathers AU
    1.1K 23 3

    The people who enroll in VILE academy aren't meant to have least not anymore. They get their wings clipped as soon as they enroll, destroying any chance of discovering their one and only true love. Black Sheep had a soulmate at VILE, her wings never getting clipped, for she hid them, the color of her f...

  • Upon the Sword | A Carulia Story
    4.4K 204 8

    Julia is gravely injured when a caper goes wrong. This story does not take the events of Season 3 into account. *laughs nervously at the amount of reads*

  • Love, Carmen | A Carulia Story
    520 40 1

    Carmen and Julia have a long talk on the beach in the fading sun, grappling with their feelings, worries, and fears.

  • The Stolen Memories Of Her Love
    633 18 4

    Carmen loses her memory and Julia is trying to help her remember who she is and the love they had once shared. And yes I wanted to use Julia for this but then thought hey I haven't seen this before on here so f**k it. Credit for the title goes to @gen3king the credit for the cover goes to my little sister @rustyindi...

    122 4 4

    SPOILERS!!! There is no episode on this, this is my opinion on what it would like

  • CarmenSandiego Shenanigans
    29.1K 842 20

    Conversations between the characters that you didn't know you needed.

  • The Silver Wolf
    1.9K 106 9

    When Julia Argent gets captured by VILE, how will Carmen get her back?

  • Double Date
    339 21 1

    On their first year's anniversary of meeting, Carmen takes Julia on a heist. Plot twist, it's also a date. Warning: When maintaining a balanced diet of fluff and angst, this is not recommended as it contains excessive amounts of the former and literally none of the latter

  • Carulia Oneshots
    978 50 3

    I'm obsessed with them and they need more fanfiction, so its a win-win :D Cover by my lawfully wedded wife @CantCuffMeButImWifey

  • My thoughts on Ships in Carmen Sandiego
    25.1K 464 28

    The title says it all. Here I'll tell you my thoughts on ships in the fandom and reccomend fanfics as well as episodes with the ships moments and AMVs. Enjoy! Let me know if I missed a ship. Thanks to @AggressiveKittyCat for the cover

  • Where in the world will they meet again?
    4.9K 187 8

    NOT MY ART! I guess the Sandiego Fandom hasn't a lot of fics? After rewatching the series again i said fuck it and decided to make this. I intoduce to you; Carmen x Julia Also posted on AO3 under the same username.

  • A New Ally
    6.7K 253 9

    **SEASON 3 SPOILERS** Julia Argent is lost after leaving ACME. She's relived of never having to speak to Agents Zari or Devineaux again, but she misses the nature of her job. In an attempt to pick her life back up, she takes the opportunity to represent an important mask in Venice, Italy. But when something goes wrong...

  • Funny seeing you here- A Carulia Fanfiction
    1.8K 80 6

    This fic is meant for 13+. Nothing explicit, just some swears. "Do you miss me like I miss you?" Julia's life could be going worse. No more VILE, no more ACME, a job as a history teacher at a prestigious college. She's a bit lonely. But overall, she's doing alright. But when a stranger comes to the college late one...

  • The truth can set you free
    85 3 1

    "Player, something is wrong with me." This wasn't how Carmen had expected her latest Caper to go, and the aftermatch is far from what she had ever thought off. A small Crulia one-shot

  • Carmen SanDiego Oneshots
    47.3K 1K 38

    Some fluff, some ships, some crazy shenanigans, some AUs, and some just downright crack! This is based on the Nexflix reboot Requests will be taken

  • A Wolf and the Black Sheep
    73 4 1

    "I always knew there was a wolf in the henhouse, never thought it would be you." "I wasn't allowed to pick." Julia isn't all to sure the night had gone the way she suspected it to or not, but one thing is for sure; her costume was far from one she would want to wear. A small Crulia one-shot I wrote for halloween, long...