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  • Someone, please save me.... (Shinkai)
    6.8K 394 26

    Something changed in his life and particular detectives found out that something was not right. No one could have known that he would be like this. What had happened to make him like this? Let's find out in this story, shall we?

    Completed   Mature
  • The lonely bird (Shinkai)
    62.1K 2.4K 20

    *Completed* Thanks to a slip up of his, Kaito was forced to take the APTX 4869, yet just like the famous Kudo Shinichi shrunk into a child of merely 7 years. His mother was in Los Angeles, Jii was on vacation and just like that, the mysterious phantom thief was robbed of all chances to find help, forced to leave his h...

  • Catch me, Earn me (Shinkai)
    30.1K 893 7

    *Completed* Shinichi has a crush on the marvellous phantom thief Kaito KID since the first time they met. But the thief seems to enjoy playing with him despite knowing about his love interest. Kaito KID will stay forever a tease, he needs to enchant his audience after all~ Shinichi breathed out, exhausted, his lungs p...

  • One shots (Shinkai)
    30.1K 913 9

    A drabble series of the Pairing Shinkai (not Kaishin) in which Shinichi didn't shrink because he didn't follow Gin and Vodka and Shinichi and Kaito are Childhood friends. Alternatively, you can also say that Kaito is a cute, sweet candy and everyone wants a piece of him. But Shinichi is damned protective of his magici...

  • Forever Yours - Denn Liebe bleibt
    154 7 1

    "Sein sonst so kontrolliertes Pokerface war einem Ausdruck gewichen, den Shinichi nicht richtig deuten konnte, es war etwas zwischen kindlicher Neugierde und Vorfreude, aber gemischt mit einer gewaltigen Menge an Ehrfurcht und Unsicherheit, bis er schließlich seinem Blick begegnete. Und für einen Moment stand die Welt...

  • 名探偵と怪盗1412
    2.4K 81 5

    Despite the title, this story is written in english. It is about Kaito Kid and Kudo Shinichi. Boy X Boy, don't like, don't read! "When Kaito intended to deepen his relationship with his named enemy, he got surprised by his feelings as well, as Shinichi discoveres his deeply hidden interest for Kid..." I am sorry, if...

  • Shinkai Oneshots
    3.7K 158 5

    Since I'm personally deprived of this I will give the world some more Shinkai Goodness. This is boyxboy, Shinichi x Kaito. Don't like, don't read. You have been warned. Also, there will be lemon fics and fluff fics randomly, so please look if I marked them as such before you jump into it. I will not be responsible for...