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  • Billionaire's Indian Bride.
    1.6M 55.1K 53

    He had pinned her between the wall and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between there upper bodies were her hands which she had placed in front of her instinctively. She opened her mouth to protest but she was silenced by his angry kiss. She tried to keep her mouth closed but as he bi...

  • Come Back, My Wife ✔
    1.1M 36.9K 28

    #45 Romance [07 Feb 2017] [COMPLETED] Angela is ordered to return home to her powerful ex-husband Steven Morris after four years since their divorce and being disowned by her father. Against her wishes, Angela accepts in order to protect her son and her new family that her ex-husband knew nothing about. However the si...

  • Found My Home
    1.3M 33.5K 23

    "Can't You just leave me alone and mind your own goddamn business ??" l snapped..... He just pins me to hits locker with both his hands on either side of my head, caging me between him and the locker..... One of his hand gently caress my cheek and he takes a step forward his lips centimetres from mine.... All I coul...

  • Hate or Love but you are Mine. ✔
    596K 34K 68

    When two strangers ( he is heartbroken billionaire?? and she is sweet beautiful? photographer?) meets in rainy night ☔? what will happen "A? KISS" and then they parted but destiny has other plans, they meet again as boss and employee. Love bloom's? between them, he started trusting her and their romance continue with...

  • Hate or Love but you are mine 2. ✔
    426K 25.8K 49

    "No!! Absolutely not, fake or real I am not getting engaged to you," Rinky shook her head. Karan smirked and took lazy strides towards her; he looks like beast, broad shoulder, toned arms and oh!! So amazing carved face, top two button of his shirt was open showing the outline of his hard chest. Rinky gulped hard, his...

  • Arranged Love (Completed)
    1.7M 75.5K 58

    Ranked #1 in the category "Indian" on 19 May 2018 as well as on 1 Feb 2019! Ranked #1 in the category "Romcom" on 6 Feb 2019 and on 11 March 2019! Ranked #1 in the category "Fun" on 27 August 2019! Ranked #2 in the category "Mission Desi" on 8 August 2018! Ranked #2 in the category "Romcom" on 29 January 2019! Ranked...

    Completed   Mature
  • [i] thunder arrives ◦ harry potter × marvel
    572K 20K 85

    𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁 "What if Loki came down here, to keep an eye on the both of you?" 𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗱𝗮𝘂𝗴𝗵𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗵𝗼𝗴𝘄𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀. [ read the note at the beginning. It's somewhat important ] (HARRY POTTER - MARVEL CROSSOVER) (YEARS 𝟏 - 𝟐 - 𝟑 AT HOGWARTS) (COMPLETED) (I...

  • The Sun And The Moon T•M•R
    393K 12.9K 70

    Have you heard the story of the sun and the moon? How every night she died just so he could rise And how he died every morning just to let her breathe For the two loved each other more than light itself but despite this the two could never coexist. The aftermath seemingly disastrous and their only option to love one...

  • In the Arms of an Earl (Historical Romance)
    4M 170K 42

    Worldly and influential, Merrick William Hasting, Earl of Huntingdon, is the catch of the season. It is expected of him to propose the belle of the ton. On his way to his country estate, Merrick saves a youth name Chris from being beaten to death and takes him to his grand home. Suddenly, Merrick begins to feel an und...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Symphony (Complete)
    18.2K 1.2K 3

    Sometimes what we want in life is not what we actually need. And Ranveer Singhania learned it the hard way. That too just in time.

  • Kidnap My Heart
    10.5M 299K 47

    Emma van der Bilt is clever, snarky, and spoiled rotten. William Knight is cocky, impatient, and slightly dimwitted. So how exactly did Will manage to kidnap Emma and her best friend twice and live to talk about it? *** "What the hell-" I screeched. "Good morning, sunshine." I looked up in alarm and saw the smirking...

  • raised by dementor
    367K 13.8K 56

    All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story. I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

  • Dabbling With The Dark
    267K 10.6K 35

    How does Harry react when he finds out the truth behind all of Dumbledore's secrets from Voldemort? Simple... he plots to kill them both. Originally Posted on by Nyx Myst

  • Dark Memories
    241K 10.9K 58

    Voldemort didn't just give Harry some of his powers that night. He gave him all his memories. With them, his allies,and his friends Harry shall change the Wizarding World like no one ever before. This book does not belong to me it belongs to Blueowl on If asked by Blueowl I will take this story down...

  • Together, Or Not At All: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom
    1.2M 44.7K 74

    AU: Tom and Harry are in Wool's Orphanage at the same time. History may hate us, but they'll never forget our names. How wonderful; how strange. To be loved by something that hates all else. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control. You are...

  • Stand Against the Moon // Tomarry
    160K 6.5K 14

    Cursed against his will, Harry made the best of his life until he found himself, again, wandering in Death's realm. When Death offers him a second chance, a chance to right the wrongs he'd been blind to for too long, he can't possibly refuse. - This is not my book! However I can find the author for you if you'd like t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nose to the Wind // tomarry
    159K 6.4K 28

    While Harry had been content with his second chance, that didn't keep him from thinking what he could have done different, how many people could have survived if he hadn't been set on the very specific path he'd walked. Third time is the charm, though, right? This is a sequel to "Against the moon" but can 100% be read...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dark Lord's Son | Harry Potter Fanfiction
    59K 1.7K 8

    When an eight-year-old Harry Potter is bitten by a vampire, he immediately gets sent to an orphanage by his uncaring aunt and uncle. He struggles with these new urges and eventually, he cracks under the pressure. When Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, has attained a new body, he decides to make a litt...

  • Harry Potter And The Descent Into Darkness
    658K 20K 32

    It's Harry's 4th year at Hogwarts and his name has just come out of the Goblet of Fire. Everyone has abandoned him and he feels utterly alone. Through an accident Harry and the piece of Voldemort's soul that resides inside him begin to interact and Harry slowly begins to change. He becomes stronger and more aware, and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Next Time Around
    263K 10.3K 52

    -Harry Potter fanfiction- What if the end battle in seventh year didn't end the way it was supposed to? What if it was just one big slaughtering and only a couple of Order members escaped? And what if Harry decides that the future doesn't hold anything promising any more? He goes back to the past, that is what. After...

  • Withering to Death
    166K 5.8K 17

    Harry's abuse is escalated and now he can't speak. He makes the decision to contact Tom, fed up with how he is being treated. He never expected to find his mates, fall in love, have a family, and be accepted for who he is. (Not mine story made by an ao3 account named Werebunny87)

    Completed   Mature
  • Gifted
    257K 7.7K 12

    Harry Potter was manipulated from the time he was born. Friends who're not really friends, a mentor who wanted more than was meant for him. His lineage taken from him, freedom bound by his so-called family. He's used to it, resigned to his fate but this last betrayal will show them who he really is. Tired of hiding be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lord Daddy ✅
    168K 7.3K 6

    Unforseen circumstances force Voldemort to bring Harry back to Riddle Manor with him on the night of October 31, 1981, after tying to kill him. How will our favorite Dark Lord and his followers going to deal with taking care of a baby? This story isn't mine! It's Madness for sale's on I just had to put...

  • Slytherin's Heir
    537K 15.9K 48

    He'd finally found them. Tom Riddle's heir. A boy no older than seventeen, with hair of a raven night and eyes of a churning ocean. The wizened old man closed the weathered book. The Fates had been kind enough to let him in on this secret, one he fully intended to use to his advantage. The boy must not fall into the...

  • Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry Potter Fanfiction
    2.7M 83.2K 52

    Harry Potter was supposed to be the golden boy, the savior of the wizarding world. However, Dumbledore's plan started to crumble when the letters were sent and Harry Potter responded like a pureblood would. His plan started to be crushed when Harry Potter showed up at Hogwarts with a venomous magical snake and not loo...

  • 𝐀 𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐯𝐞 ║Tom Riddle ✔
    675K 26.4K 123

    "𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞?" He scoffs, black eyes emotionless. "𝐈 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬." She was a girl born in the midst of a war. She was the forgotten child. The sister of the girl who sacrificed herself, saving the boy with the lightning bolt scar. He'd come in the night, ripping away everyone...

    261K 9.7K 43

    Something wasn't quite right with that girl. She was hiding something, about herself, about Dumbledore, almost certainly about Grindelwald, and would go to any lengths to protect those secrets, especially from the increasingly curious Tom Riddle. If only it were that easy. How could she live a peaceful life with so ma...

  • I Can't Eat Love
    1M 61.2K 38

    Lenora did not have a wonderful life. After her engagement to Prince Ronan is broken, she loses everything... her reputation, her home, and her family. Starving on the streets, she dies angry and bitter at how her life unfolded... Only to wake up in her old bed, fifteen again, five years before she died. Now she must...

  • Billionaires In Love [ Completed]
    13.7K 902 42

    His hands found way to my waist, encircling it softly, as by a movement of hand, he pulled me closer leaving an inch between our lips.My hands went to his broad shoulders as he towered over me. " Can I kiss you Cathedral?" A amused gasp left my mouth as I felt a string of emotions, love, respect and a crazy drive, wha...