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  • young and beautiful | L.S. {Harry's POV}
    28.4K 757 12

    Harry, to his horror, crosses paths with a certain blue eyed boy with a healthy dose of sarcasm, stubbornness and ingenuity who doesn't stop trying and is immune to his charms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER// this story actually isn't mine. y&b belongs to velvettoscar on AO3 and all I'm doing is writing it in Harry's...

    1.9K 237 19

    ❝no, you don't get it, Styles. You being here ruins our entire plan, and I'm getting out of this mental hellhole no matter what that dumb curly head of yours may think.❞ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 Louis is schizophrenic and Harry has I.E.D, and their mental illnesses don't go well together. Louis Tomlinson x Harry Styles mental...

  • Save Me and I'll Save You L.S
    1K 201 28

    In his second year of university Louis Tomlinson is battling depression and barely managing to stay afloat financially. Meanwhile Harry Styles who is known by everyone and invited everywhere is fighting his own battle and convincing himself to be someone he's not. When Zayn, Louis's roommate has Louis do him a favour...

  • The Serpent and The Lion
    1.7K 110 11

    "Louis doesn't know what lives in boys like Harry - magnificently beautiful boys, who should want for nothing, but somehow still have a quiet dissatisfaction for life simmering underneath the surface. The singular change in Harry was something Louis never thought he'd see, but then again, nothing that had been happeni...