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  • When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer
    499 94 23

    The last thing Adrien expected to receive in the mail was a painting. And not just any painting: a painting of the world just two hundred years before. When it comes to life before his very eyes, a boy on the other side offers to bring Adrien into his world. * * * This takes place in the near future, where the rich li...

  • The Eyes Beside You
    375 109 32

    TEMPORARILY ON HOLD. He opened his eyes into darkness. Rudy awakens in an impossible situation with no voice, no memory, and no clue as to why he's there. All he's given is a burning desire to answer one important question: What happened that changed the world around him so horribly? Seven days to save the country...

  • Fast Cars and Intergalactic Speed Dating
    3.2K 350 49

    🌟 2022 Wattys Shortlist! 🌟 Richard Campbell has numerous problems. First among them is Garth, his roommate and business partner. Together, they're launching RiGarTek, a start-up intended to bring more efficient solar power to the average consumer. But Garth is on the very last of Richard's last nerves, and they're...

    454 84 37

    An Earth ravaged by alien and human catastrophe alike. A virus that holds an apocalyptic secret. An ancient threat that spans the galaxies and aeons. The world faces a looming final cataclysm, one that will bring the extinction of mankind. ISAIAH IS A LEADER, A fighter and leader is thrown head first into the mystery...

  • They Come with a Purpose
    58 5 1

    This is the first chapter to a Work in Progress YA Sci-fi Novel. I hope it piques your interest. I feel like this chapter works as a short story.

  • Above and Beyond
    166 17 8

    Political prisoner, M'Awk, crash lands on an alien planet in quarantined space after attempting to escape a prison transport and her sadistic guards. Sally is the Alaskan park ranger that stumbles upon the wreckage.

  • Empire's Legacy
    402 74 38

    Amy Jones wants a lot of things. Chief among them: make the archaeological discovery of the century, ensure her brother's indiscretions disappear, and destroy her father and the Commission for which he stands. But she'd settle on the average day for a homemade chocolate muffin. Amy's spent the last decade skulking aro...

  • Bounty
    279 73 36

    "This is not a game Nightshade!" I wasn't sure why, but Spencer was annoying me. "LIFE is not a game!" He just smiled. "Ah, my short friend, life is most definitely a game, and I'm already winning"

  • Koriannon
    807 358 19

    Cover by: pixel_meg (check out her work) The story of Eyapo. A man who is fighting against the whole world to take back his rightful role as the Leader of the Fifth Empire, but the price to pay for it is yet unknown to him. Pronounced as ko-ri-ae-non

    Completed   Mature
  • Repurposed
    6 1 1

    In a post-apocalyptic society that has a tense relationship with science, a scientist faces a trial for the heinous crime of trying to save his mother's life.

  • Dreary✔️
    253 31 13

    In an age where corporations rule supreme and civilization at large is primarily concerned with the Unreal Tournaments, it's easy to forget that research outposts are still necessary. One such outpost sits at the edge of civilized space on a miserable planet of eternal rain, dim gray skies, and seemingly endless plant...

  • ONE
    433 73 20

    In a world where dreams come true, society is overturned with chaos and destruction. Countries have drifted apart and the once-prosperous global community has now reduced to ashes. We traverse this new world enamored with phenomenon beyond human understanding with Atharv who is on his own path to find his identity and...

  • INSURGO [ongoing]
    445 130 10

    "Cormac, you need to tell me what's going on." Cyra demands, fixing him with an unwavering stare. Her stomach churns at the terrified look on her brother's face. It was one she had never seen before. "Cyra, I've put us all in danger." -------------------------------- Hundreds of years in the future, all the inhabitan...

  • The Abyss Calls to Thee
    119 31 9

    Imagine you wake up on a foreign planet with only an Exo-suit and no memories. That's the reality for someone who wakes up with no clue what planet they're on, or who they are. The only lead to where they came from is letters on their suit, G-U-S-E.

  • Consensus: Part 1 - Citizen
    7.2K 570 17

    In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion. Sixteen-year-old Rena has few memories of her childhood before adoption. The voice of the man who raised her. A forest teeming with wildlife. Mountains reaching up to a blue sky. The...

  • Lightning Seeker
    12.1K 3K 50

    #2 Steampunk--- The year 2312. Robots dominate nearly every profession. But eighteen-year-old Vale is determined to prove herself and become a Lightning Seeker. After stowing away on an airship, she proves her worth by doing the impossible: outperforming an AI as a lookout. But can she pull off the same feat twice? Ma...

  • Julian
    152 28 7

    'Someone once said: that 'even the best thief in the world can't steal time' but I guess you proved them wrong, Julian.' 'Someone also said: 'lost time is never found again' but I guess you proved them wrong, orleans.' 'For the last fucking time, brown. I was not named after fucking New Orleans.' ❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂❂ (Summary I...

  • City of Kinetics
    1.1K 128 47

    In Nexus City, people with powers are called kinetics, but Camila Morales keeps her head down and pretends she isn't one of them. Barely scraping by with her day job, she starts working for Psychotics, a gang notorious for dealing drugs in and out of the city. Hunter Dawson is a young medical officer working for Divi...

  • Pirate (LGBT - Sci-Fi - Romantic)
    429K 18.1K 27

    Liam Connell stared at his captor. He looked like a pirate from a holovid, black trousers and a white full sleeved shirt, with a purple sash around his waist. Black hair brushed his shoulders and ... Connell couldn't believe it, he actually had gold hoops in his ears. "Mmm! Mmmm! What do we have here?" the pirate s...

  • From Mars To Earth
    104 7 11

    Just after the dawn of creation.....a man and a woman stole the Fruit Of Knowledge and escaped from The God's Utopian World into the harsh and cruel lands that waited outside. Most thought such weak creatures would perish. But they prevailed, and conquered what lay before them, going beyond the seas, subjugating the m...

  • The LEVELER King ✔
    5.4K 587 55

    Generations ago, two alien species depended on a symbiotic bond that was decimated by the Earth-man's arrival. Nala, a gentle farming alien of blue, happens upon an injured warrior of red. She nurses him back to health, only to realize that he's not just any fighter, but the king, a specimen highly coveted by the huma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Short Stories from the Wildlands
    185 25 4

    A collection of stories from a few known and unknown characters from the Wildlands Series. Have any recommendations of characters you would like to know about? Comment on the author's note chapter! Warning: Stories may contain mild violence, language, alcohol/drug/tobacco use, and mild sexual themes (nothing describe...

  • The Nature of Change
    2.8K 214 24

    Andy Voitenko notices things that others don't. Nothing paranormal, he just sees the laws of physics in action. He's always been socially awkward. And that makes him a target for a group of scientists who want the smart ones. He never expected wings, never expected scales, and never expected aliens that want to kill h...

  • Anna In The Garden
    930 270 44

    [Watty's 2021 Shortlister] Two girls. Separated. Connected. For Anna, her world is one of privilege and safety. A lonely prison. Ken lives with complete freedom, but her world is one of darkness and danger around every corner. When their worlds collide, neither knows if the other is real or only a dream. To find out...

  • The Oblivion- deleted
    545 164 17

    deleted on here, rewriting it soon though

  • Notions of Home
    71 30 12

    "It's time for you to come home." Karlin Walker's life story plods along the well-trodden road of failure. It's not her fault. Her emotional controls don't operate like other people's, and sometimes she can get a bit ... passionate. As a day-of coordinator, she once corrected the bride's posture while the woman walked...

  • True (Male x Male) (Wattys Winner 2021)
    94.7K 9.7K 28

    Kane has a 'sixth-sense' - he can tell whether someone is being honest or not. So why is he about to put his trust someone that he knows is lying? ***** Kane Emery operates a long haul transport ship and has an uncanny knack for being able to tell whe...

  • Unyielding Autumn Publication Thread
    92 7 5

    Publication updates for Unyielding Autumn! (Previously titled "Claimed by the Coven", which ranked #3 in Wattpad Scifi-Romance way back when I had it live on here lol)

  • Project: New World
    65 19 5

    Explore the tragic end of a civilization through the eyes of Forrest.