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  • We Only Have Each Other (KilluaXGon & KurapikaXLeorio)
    108K 3.5K 21

    Kurapika decides to return back home to Leorio, Gon and Killua. Some things have changed greatly. So many things have happened that Gon, Killua and Leorio don't know where to start. Or rather, Gon and Killua can't start. New feelings arise, and with that comes internal conflicts.

  • What they don't know
    71.6K 2.9K 7

    What they don't know, they don't care about. And they don't know about us (My very first fanfiction, so I hope it's not too bad, my grammar isn't perfect. Also feel free to vote and comment, I love to see what you guys think!)

  • The Silent but Deadly (Killua x Gon)
    41.1K 1.1K 9

    High school AU! Killua is a mute with a dark secret and past, you should already be able to guess. Gon is the new student. Gon instantly becomes popular but he wants to be friends with Killua the most. Killua continues to push everyone away. Gon makes friends with Kurapika and Leorio on his journey to befriend Killua.

  • The Things I Should've Said
    48.8K 1.8K 10

    After Gon and Killua separated they both felt a sense of longing. What happens when a new evil arises? What happens when emotions get out of control? Completed: February 12th, 2017 Book cover designed by: @-infinitea

  • My inuhama (killua x gon)
    142K 4.3K 7

    Gon is a normal teenage boy. But all that has changed since he met a dog named killua that could turn into human called inuhama. HunterxHunter AU

  • Falling For You
    462K 18.7K 25

    When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his classmates tell him to stay away from Killua, Gon finds himself wanting to get closer to him. --- © 2016. All Rights Reserved the Kreideprinz --- Complete...

  • Baby Gon~ [Completed]
    146K 5.2K 10

    ♣A magic spell performed by Hisoka went horribly wrong and turns Gon into a tiny infant. Hisoka now has to find a way to turn him back while figuring out how to take care of Gon. Babies aren't hard to care for... Right? Especially when Killua is trying to track Gon down.♠