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  • Dame Gothel
    12 0 1

    100-word challenge: How do you get rid of Dame Gothel when she suddenly appears?

  • Banishing Gothel
    38 2 1

    When the evil witch Gothel escapes from her book only this poem can send her back!

  • Lucifer Devil Jr.'s Christmas Surprise... And Other Short Stories
    132 6 12

    Imagine you're starting out at a new school, but everyone knows you're the devil's son and heir and expects you to behave just like your father, a man you despise from the bottom of your heart. This is Lucifer Devil Jr.'s short story. Let's find out how he deals with the situation while he is getting ready to celebrat...

  • Return of the King
    22 4 1

    When Britain is threatened by mythical beasts, only one man has the magical power to defeat them.

  • Off With My Love
    22 5 1

    Written for Wattpad Fairytale's the Once Upon A Fairytale's Valentine Contest. -Winner of Wattpad Fairytale's the Once Upon A Fairytale's Valentine Contest- When a children's book writer is transported into a world of wonder, she must find true love in order to return to her world.

  • Once Upon A Time
    101 20 4

    Entries for the 'Once Upon a Time' short story contest by Wattpad.

  • My One Shots
    1.5K 132 34

    This book is a collection of several different one shots of many of either my desired scenarios or ones that have happened to me in this journey of my life, those that i could muster in me to write and share with the world. In short, this book is my solace. [Winner of the Once Upon a Time contest with the title The G...

  • Chronicles of Chaos
    228 31 5

    Feeling bored of constantly reading academic books of the Olympian High Campus Library? Well, you're in luck! The library has opened a new section of books called 'Chronicles of Chaos', which, contrary to its name, consists of fun and quick reads for the students to enjoy! This collection of flash fiction and short st...

  • Pebbles: A Collection of Short Stories
    710 165 33

    Got a minute? Want to have your mind flip between genres so fast you are left unsettled and confused? Excellent! Here's a book of shorts in no particular order; sorry, Melvil Dewey. Maturity Level: fade to black violence in The Seven Sisters & Heartbreaker, i.e. alluded to but not graphic

  • A New Year Never Grows Old
    27 2 1

    I must remember to thank Wendy for setting up the perfect evening for me.

  • The Flame and the Wolf
    41 7 1

    Have you ever found your mind wandering between reality and fantasy? Sometimes our thoughts are so powerful that all it takes is a spark to blur the lines. What if a wandering mind and an active imagination means a new adventure for Alyria Shade? However, she must fulfill her quest before time runs out, for burning t...