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  • Letters Over a Lifetime
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    Caroline and Bonnie aren't the only ones who write to Elena while she sleeps. Damon writes his own accounts of life without Elena over the sixty five years she is in her supernatural coma. (Not following events that happened in season seven or eight) I don't own any of the rights to the characters. Enjoy

  • Street Lights
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    Elena Gilbert If you were to look at her, you would see a young women ready and willing to face the world, which is convent for her because in the blossoming age of 25 she has already risen to stardom and is one of New York's most famous and loved journalists. Damon Salvatore If you were to see him, you would think...

  • The longest wait (a delena fanfic) ( on hold)
    12.3K 298 17

    This story takes place 2 years after the season 2 finale. After Elena kissed Damon, Damon automatically expected them to be together, but Elena who was newly single and feeling extremely guilty about kissing Damon while she was still with Stefan wasn't ready to be with Damon. To get away from Mystic Falls she used c...

  • Missing Damon
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    I OWN NOTHING - LJ Smith wrote The Vampire Diaries and I am a huge fan of the TV show, just a fan girl enjoying writing and imagining scenarios with characters Hoping to create a kinda beginning of season 6 of tvd like obviously it's not what I think will happen but I just wanna play about with it I guess! Enjoy plea...

  • The Way Home | a delena fanfic|
    3.6K 74 3

    After a white flash and the world falling apart Damon, Elena and the rest of the group find themselves ripped away from their home and placed in the middle of a whole different time. Nadia petrova is responsible for the latest challenge facing the towns people of mystic falls! Will they ever get home? Will their love...

  • Nian-through everything (SDCC.)
    5.4K 95 3

    Nina and ian are staying at Ian's aunts house for the San Diego comic con but when Nikki shows up things get complicated.

  • That one night ~ A Delena love story
    8.7K 257 12

    Elena Gilbert is in love with Damon Salvatore but there's only one problem, she doesn't know how to tell him. They have been best friends since they met whilst Elena was in High school, and she has loved him since the first moment she laid her eyes on him. So how long will it take for them both to realise they are per...

  • The New Salvatores: A Delena Story (In Major Editing)
    229K 5.1K 33

    It's been 4 years since Stefan Salvatore gave over his allegiance and humanity to Klaus, the hot tempered hybrid Original, and fell in love with Rebekah, Klaus's younger sister. In his baby brother's absence, Damon Salvatore has kept Elena Gilbert, the girl that they both love, safe and happy. What will happen when Da...

  • You and I ( A delena story) (under editing)
    94.6K 2.1K 28

    This is a delena fan fiction full of laughs, cries and changes of heart. Elena Gilbert as you know has always loved Stefan Salvatore, She uses the saying "it will always be stefan" more than just a couple of times. But, what happens when that statement is no longer true and Elena begins to develop feelings for Damon...

  • Here for you | Delena
    92.5K 2K 36

    After Stefan leaves with klaus after Damon is bitten and leaves to save his life, Damon is left to pick up the broken pieces that Stefan has left behind. Damon and Elena get closer but what happens when Elena realizes what her feelings for Damon mean. After Elena tells Damon about her feelings for him, they find out s...

  • The Second Life Of Stella Salvatore
    96.6K 1.6K 36

    This is the finale of The New Salvatores trilogy! Stella Salvatore is the eldest child of Damon and Elena Salvatore. She's your average teen - the top of the senior class - head of the dance committee - cheer captain - the most popular girl in Mystic Falls High. Everything that her Aunt Caroline was. Except for Stella...

  • TVD Facebook Chats
    43K 1.8K 39

    Ever Wondered What The The Characters Of The Vampire Diaries Would Do If They Were On Facebook....

  • Stefan and Delena: War
    13.5K 403 22

    Damon Salvatore is left in devastation after his 'perfect' wedding comes tumbling down around him. His friends, his family and most of all, his beloved; Elena have all been captured by the founder's council. They are now locked up and are being tortured for supernatural-related information. Yet, one question remains...

  • A Love That Consumes ♛Delena♛
    37.1K 1K 25

    What if Damon's compulsion on Elena the first night they truly met didn't work? What if Elena remembers everything, and instead of Stefan, Damon saved her and her whole family? This is the first book in the Consuming Love trilogy. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters they belong to L.J Smith and the TVD writers.

  • Our Love {Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Fanfiction}
    325K 5K 77

    Nina Dobrev, a famous actress and her co-worker, Ian Somerhalder, a famous actor. After dating for long time, it ended. And when it did, they still continued being co-workers. When they're together, there's tears, there's cries, there's lies, there's many arguements and fights too! But when they aren't, they feel as i...

    Completed   Mature
  • There Was No World For Her, If There Was No Damon
    124K 2.5K 36

    This is the sequel to The New Salvatores: A Delena Story. If you haven't read the first one, I suggest doing so before reading this one. It's been 6 years since that unforgettable terrifying night in Mikaelson Manor. Elena has abandoned her and Damon's young daughter leaving her to be raised by Stefan and Katherine. M...