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  • NANO
    144 48 19

    Albert Cornell is trying to run from his past. He knows he has made mistakes, those mistakes have stained his entire life. He cant get a job, his family left him. But when he gets taken by a secret organization, reality hits him. He got taken, because no one cares for him, no one will notice that this broke almost hom...

  • The Lost Revenge
    3.1K 882 25

    "A chance for what Ava?" "A chance to be loved by someone who isn't you" .................................................... One city. Two girls and numerous crimes summed up Edinburgh. This city wasn't always like this. All it needed, was Ren Santiago to enter this city, filled with secrets about her. Twelve year ol...

  • The Other Side [COMPLETED]
    1.7K 397 57

    This story revolves around the monotonous life of Evelynn Hayes, a girl so used to taking no risks, that she's forgotten what life is all about. And obviously attending an all girls' school doesn't help. Her entire life, right to the point of marriage being planned out by her parents, she doesn't have much of a choice...

  • The Alpha's Mate (Completed)
    5.7K 390 51

    There was an invisible force which was pulling us together. I have never felt like this before, is he feeling the same? He was not looking that much confused like me, nor he was struggling. He reached out and ran a finger down my cheek in a soft caress, that increased my pulse. I wanted to push him away but I couldn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Weird Kid
    535 196 14

    Ella Brown used to be a happy, outgoing teenager with a life she was content with. Everything changed when she was partnered up with the infamous Crovin Fisher. That was when her life was alerted forever and was replaced with mystery and fear.

    Completed   Mature