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    OUTLIER | ❝ there was always something different about her, almost as if she didn't belong there. ❞ ©-SUNSHlNE 2018 star wars episode vii & viii

  • ruins➽kylo ren|1|
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    zayla shook her head breathing hard, ❝ you are wrong. ❞ she whispered, ❝ this, this is just the beginning of the ruins of you, kylo ren. ❞ [2015-2016] cover credit goes to the amazing @auratics

  • 𝑹𝑬𝑩𝑬𝑳 ▷ fanfic help
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    where we give you tips on writing a star wars fiction. [ highest rank: #8 in non-fiction ]

  • constellations ✷ kylo ren
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    "I spend endless nights staring at barren walls and fallen skies, trying to press together constellations and bridge your darkness into mine." - j. kristie - When the First Order discovers the sole planet serving as the glue between what's left of the Resistance and its allies, they are forced to negotiate in an uncon...

  • Star Wars: Lust For Power // Kylo Ren
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    Rhaella never wanted power, she wanted a teacher, a guide in the force. She found that once in Kylo Ren, but even with his aid, she'd still struggle with the two paths tearing her apart, just as they did to Kylo Ren, whom she'd grow to love beyond just a teacher. But the dark path was attractive, luring, the power it...

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    ❛ do i talk first or you talk first ? i talk first? ❜ in which we give you all tips on how to write Star Wars fanfiction.

  • Star Wars 101: Guide to the Galaxy
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    Terminology, details and much more for your fanfiction research.

  • Black Hearts | Kylo Ren [1]
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    Letha and her brother Roman had been running away and hiding in desolated places after the mass killing of all the young Padawans of Luke Skywalker, the Wayland brothers being the only people who could scape. After years of hiding, they land in Jakku, a waste planet full of cart plots and junkyards there they'll meet...

  • VENDETTA [ kylo ren ]
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    ❝if this is what good feels like, I don't want to be good ❞ in which a princess infiltrates the First Order and screws it up by falling in love with its Commander. [ KYLO x OC ] [ pre-TFA - ?? ] ©️ voidnaboo 2019

  • (ON HOLD) Blue Hearts | Kylo Ren [2]
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    Letha finds herself back between the light and the dark, as she and Rey find Master Skywalker who will train them to fight back the First Order.

  • PRISONER ━ Kylo Ren
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    raena nhagy is a survivor. STAR WARS © stxrmborn COMPLETED COVER BY @weasIeyss Awarded as Best Kylo Ren Fanfic

    Completed   Mature