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  • The forgotten Legend (Author x Azur Lane)
    6.2K 75 6

    The forgotten legend. This is where BRP Jean is hidden for many years. He fought many sirens. But he's now hidden for now, like a sleeping giant. The Azur lane and crimson axis war rage on. With he sirens watching them. He still waiting when he times is comes but.... There shipgirls might able to find him.

  • The Old Flagship In Philippine Navy (Male reader x Azur lane)
    68.4K 806 37

    Y/N or I say BRP Gregorio Del Pilar patrol ship. Was patrolling in the west Philippine sea, the world is war with sirens. Most of the country are fighting the sirens, Y/N was patrolling and your captain saw sirens out of no where. They begin attack and sunk you, but somehow Y/N transferred to another world call azur l...

  • One shy boat in Azur Lane (Male Shy Reader X Azur Lane Harem)
    26.8K 404 7

    Y/N or known as USS LCS is the only male person in the world of Azur Lane. He fights along with his friends and allies against the common enemy called the Siren.

  • The Ever Faithful Maid (Belfast X Male Reader)
    34.5K 364 12

    Second Story I Will Try To Make This Better Than My First