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  • Okie Doki: A DDLC Fanfiction
    6 1 1

    This classic game has always been a treat to everyone who played it, despite the disturbing details of it all. Thought to be a dating game, only to turn dark as you get farther into it, Doki Doki Literature Club has so many fans. However, not all of the characters IN game know that this is only that. When a virus swee...

  • Arcadia
    23 3 3

    In a future in which tech in general take over the planet once known as Earth, a conflict has arisen. The tech of the video game variety have taken over most of the planet now called Arcadia, and the AIs that once were part of games now had their own hierarchy. They had grown smart enough to create their own bodies in...

  • The Entertainer
    8 2 2

    "It's showtime, folks!" For actor Elliot Brown, this phrase means many things. Elliot is one of the best actors around, always playing the lead in any story-driven TV show, movie, podcast, radio show, and even musical. He is quite skilled in any of the acting professions there are. However, there was one problem: He w...

  • Pluto's Arrival (A Celestial Story)
    47 6 3

    What if your soul lived in a different world before it entered the body you recognize as yourself? Welcome to the Universal Plane, a plane of existence where souls all reside under the rule of Planets, who help this particular system's Sun rule and protect this system. In the Universal Plane, there are many systems of...

  • The Void
    23 6 6

    The Void...A place where we all are trapped eventually. A place where our souls are trapped until a new shell somewhere is available for us--whether monster, human, animal, plant. But when you can't remember and long to remember, through all of this pain, how can you handle that? One soul after another, we all recall...

  • The Life and Death of Lucifer Cane
    65 1 1

    A blood-hungry boy, locked away and shunned by his own father. A devil in Jersey. How are these connected? With blood. That's all I'll say...

  • Jadelinn
    237 25 22

    Noah always knew his sister was different. Jadelinn, or Jade, was a person shunned by a lot of people. However, things go wrong when he has the strangest dream, filled with the scent of his sister's car, which smells like rotting corpses. Noah has to protect his siblings from this new threat...but can he protect himse...

    Completed   Mature