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  • Basically Opposites ~A NightBerry FanFiction~
    3.1K 154 2

    Everybody thinks they know Blueberry and Nightmare. Everybody thinks Blueberry is innocent, naive, weak, but all around adorable, and that he would never hurt a fly. Everybody thinks Nightmare is a sadistic murderer, who spreads negativity for no reason. Basically Opposites, right? . . . . But what if theres somethin...

  • Internal Suffering
    1.3K 74 16

    People lie when they say nothing is wrong... You can tell from their eyes... Their stance... The strained smiles and forced laughs... Yet... If they're so used to seeing them so bubbly and joyful... Always smiling, laughing an adorable laugh... Chasing a dream that would never happen... You'd never see their lies...

    Completed   Mature
  • He is too good...(Dustberry) (Blueberry x Dust)
    43.9K 1.1K 14

    This story will contain allot of violence, cussing, smut and other things... Blueberry used to hangout with Ink, going around visiting different AU's ..However when they went to Dusttale, poor little Blueberry was concerned and confused about why Dust Sans was so alone.. Little did he know how dangerous making "friend...

  • Undertale Oneshot's And Ships
    14K 415 47

    This is a book that contains my favorite undertale ships but if you don't ship it I recommend you don't read it Also slow updates so you might not wanna pick this story but if you are looking for underrated ships of Sancest then you came in the right place. Also maybe put some request in the comments

  • Soul mate's? (Nightberry)
    722 36 2

    When dream and ink talk about getting there red strings curiously asking blue about his shocked he told them he didn't have one yet? Did he why was he lying?

  • One-Shots (Undertale AU Sanses)
    18K 551 42

    The title says it all- I will allow kidnappings, fluff, yandere, Angst, and slight lime. No lemons at all.

  • Forbidden Love
    7.8K 359 16


  • Friends? (A NightBerry Story)
    2.7K 169 10

    I don't really know what to put here. This will have some cursing and will likely be very cringey. NightBerry isn't my favorite ship, but I did notice the small amount of good stories there are for this ship. I hope to at least make a small difference in this. I am currently writing this while I'm supposed to be doing...

  • Cross x Dream One Shots
    1.6K 28 2

    Heya, this is a Cross x Dream One-shot series. This may be my first story and I expect absolutely NOBODY to read this. If you have any requests, comment or pm me. These two gay beans are my life rn Picture belongs to @Jammy on Sketch