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  • THE ALPHA MARK|| YiZhan FF 18+
    8.2K 591 9

    "ALPHA MARKS" are moles on the chin that indicates that a person is an "Alpha"; sexually dominant and able to impregnate both female and male "omegas". -After a drunken night's kiss with his upperclassman, Xiao Zhan, (An omega, whom he always had fantacized), Wang Yibo wakes up and finds out that his "Alpha Mark" had...

  • Business Rivals
    7.8K 702 13

    It's my second Mewgulf fanfic❤ Warning: ⚠️🔞 Mew suppasit, 24 years old. CEO of Suppasit Corporation. Hot, sexy, cold and hot headed CEO. He is good to his family and his friends but hates Gulf kanawut. Rival to Kanawut Corporation. Gulf kanawut, 24 years old. CEO of Kanawut Corporation. Beautiful, sexy, rude, brat a...

  • Lan Wangji A Cursed Wife (One Shot/XianWang)(Completed)✅✅
    1.4K 115 2

    Lan Wangji is a cursed Wife whose husbands were died after marrying and impregnated him.. His both husband died During Lan Zhan's pregnancy. Who will Accept a Widower or a cursed wife like Young Lan Wangji with his two small kids? Wei Wuxian a big Flirt and Heartthrob of Brothel's Queen. Will he be able to Accept a W...

    Completed   Mature
    9.5K 565 14

    Lan Wang Yibo and Sean Xiao Zhan are both Senior's in BEJIENG UNIVERSITY and have their own company since High School time.they known as WANG CORPORATION and SEAN CORPORATION but its secret. Their families are both owner of a Big companies in china. This is Mpreg story😉 note: this is merely a fanfiction. i am only u...

  • The Crazy Housekeeper (Yizhan, Zhanyi) COMPLETED Comedy
    94.7K 7.5K 21

    The story is about Yibo working undercover in Zan's house as a housekeeper. The story has nothing to do with any person bearing the same name. It is just a fantasy story written for fun. I apologise to anyone having the same names, as it does not represent anyone having the real names as in the characters of my story...

  • 🌇Sun Loves Moon🌃- The Beginning
    41.7K 4.5K 34

    "Yibo!" "I don't want to talk to you, neither I want you to talk to me! We are on duty! Behave, Zhan!" "Do you still..." "I said... Behave!!" "I don't know why I fall for you, Yibo! I really wished I would have never..." Zhan stepped away "So do I!" Yibo said in himself. ⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫ Wang Yibo is upset over Xiao Zha...

  • Tom and Jerry
    7.6K 467 12

    It's story of YiZhan who were students of computer science but they were rival and hate each other. Always quarreling and taunting like Tom and Jerry as their nick name. So their parent set him up in arrange marriage for the sake of their company. It's a rom-com story (with little fluff 😜). It's my first fan fiction...

  • Forced Into Fated Love (Mpreg)
    3.8K 356 7

    Type Thiwat Jongcheevat, the soon to be Alpha of the Star Moon Pack finds his mate in a player who is a human- Tharn Thara Kirigun. Their love story hits off Dejavu to the Jongcheevats but what if Tharn's family background is beyond what meets the eyes. With so many what ifs, Tharn is forced to marry Type but what wou...

  • You are my Destiny ✨ Jikook ✨
    4.7K 315 34

    "You look pretty familiar" to "I love you" Where jimin and jungkook have a common friend and have crossed paths just once.... Both are in relationships but destiny has something else planned for them changes Will they be together after all the hardships they face? (Based on the c drama you are my destiny... but there...

    30K 1.2K 14

    Jimin is in love with Jungkook and tries to confess to him through an anonymous letter. But Jungkook, unaware of the true author, ends up in a relationship with Taehyung. main ship: JiKook side Side ships will be mention later in story

    79K 5.6K 32

    Park Jimin, the son of a millionaire and also he owns his own fashion brand balenciaga. He moves from the states to korea as per his father's request to complete his studies. Jeon Jungkook , Extremely rich, the next heir to Jeon corps. Amazing singer and director. The most popular guy in the school. All the people l...

  • The Alpha
    118 1 2

    When two trans males meet in the same school and ur mates father owns it what the Hell are you going to do warning LGBTQ+ Mpreg/birth Transgender teen pregnancy heats/ runts smut

  • Rishte //JIKOOK//
    25.7K 2.3K 35

    Rishte- meaning a bond of love. //*A fluff book with zero angst. *// I want you to fall in my heart. "I do!" How much power those two words hold, can make a completely different human, your husband, your soul mate forever. Arrange marriage turned Jimin's life into something he never imagined. Though, he loves this...

  • Give Me A Chance [Jikook]
    14.3K 812 18

    Jungkook's a single parent, he was left by his husband who went in a different place to provide money for them. What will happen if Jimin, his husband, came back? But he doesn't remember him after an accident that happened...

  • Rival Love (JIKOOK)
    3.9K 380 23

    Park Jimin and jeon jungkook, two people with whole different personalities, but what happens when the only common perspective between them is to win the WORLD DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP (WDC). Rivals from the beginning but they didn't know that a deliberate twist is on its way and will soon be knocking at their doors. Looks...

  • Billionaire's Baby Doll || JIKOOK ||
    37.4K 3.5K 14

    " Who am I to you Koo ? your family? Your friend ? your boyfriend? your lover? your slave..? NOTHING! I'M ABSOLUTELY NO ONE TO YOU AND -and.. that hurts.... so I better leave you... " " Jiminshi... it's.. it's not like that...." " So what it is like Mr. Billionaire Jeon Jungkook!? tell me I wanna know! I wanna know...

  • Partners // JIKOOK // ✓
    188K 14.5K 43

    [ COMPLETED ] ★ Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin are best friends and partners in business, Mafia business . This two feared boys are inseparable best friends from childhood. They were orphan and had no one, so they became each others shelter, each others safe heaven. But what they didn't realise that they are more than...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cruel Destiny||Jikook❦︎ᶜᵒᵐᵖˡᵉᵗᵉᵈ✓
    7K 818 34

    «A royal falls in love with a baker while one's family is planning something the other way» "I love you, you love me. We will be together forever...even death cannot apart our souls and hearts from each other. It's not the end. We WILL be together at the end and that's a Promise for my Euphoria" ...

  • "POKER HEARTED" (A Jikook & Vhope Angst)✔️
    468K 29.3K 127

    "Jungk-ook, Y-you c-can't do this to m-me...." Jimin stutters while controlling his tears that are ready to flow on his pink cheek's. "Jiminiee! I can do anything I want!!" Jungkook says smirking evilly. "Don't u dar-re co-me near m-me", Jimin says fearing to Jungkook who's approaching him with a devilish smile on his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Rose // JIKOOK //
    535K 39.7K 105

    " So I was nothing to you ? " - Jimin " Yeah, you were.... just a little slut. " -Jungkook ★ A story where a beautiful innocent, poor boy Park Jimin hopelessly falls in love with a ruthless, cold hearted , Billionare Mafia businessman Jeon Jungkook . And what if fate has bonded them together years ago with a deadly bl...

  • Jikook is real - smut
    4.2K 35 4

    Mature content warning ⚠️ In this story, Jimin & Jungkook are boyfriends who can't get enough of each other. Each chapter is a one shot, but there is a basic storyline with subtle plot points. Note: Can be read out of order💗

  • The AlphaAlpha || JIKOOK ||
    18K 1.3K 64

    (WILL BE RE WRITTEN AS A NEW BOOK) "My prince is coming for me" "Oooooo n who might that be?" "Jimin." Young Omega Jungkook believes that he and the most famous Alpha in the whole wide world are meant to be. read ahead to find out if they actually are or not.... Beautiful cover by @larantulala Started- 19 Oct 2020 F...

  • Kidnap [Jikook ff] ✅
    84.4K 4.1K 16

    "Am I being kidnapped right now?" blurting out the thought, I looked at all the men who remained expressionless. "Keep quiet please," the driver mumbled as I see his eyes watching me from the mirror before they were back on the road, and I just sighed out and rested my back on the seat, deciding to just accept it as i...

  • Regret || KOOKMIN || ✓
    87.8K 5K 57

    " I regret it all , Jimin. Please don't marry him . PLEASE !" - JJk ships: Jikook Vhope Namjin Bounprem Yoongi x Taemin. Top : Jungkook Bottom : Jimin

    Completed   Mature
  • Hyung got me (jikook/kookmin)
    3.9K 208 5

    Being together since the age of 9(jungkook) and 6(jimin) both the boys became really close to eachother. it was all beautiful and flowers until jimin decided to date someone and jungkook grew obsessive over him(it's not like he wasn't before it was just now that he realised it). jungkook top jimin bottom this book mig...

  • Lost Stars...🌠 [A JiKook Fanfic]
    330 19 19

    Jeon Jungkook; a college student living an independent life, who lives with his hyungs together with his angelic boyfriend, Jimin. And by angelic i mean a literal angel. Everyday he visits a special place where he sits till' sunset and looks up the stars, but an unexpected thing happened to him on a very special day...

  • In favour of Jimin ~ Jikook
    503 10 5

    It's Jimin's birthday and someone has a present for him. Warning: Smut Angst Bad language Fluff 18+ For you horny ass people out there sophie😃

  • ❥The Exchange Student ❘❘ JIKOOK
    689 24 33

    When Jimin finally saw a chance of living a 'decent' life by becoming an exchange student in Busan he immediately signed up. It was only for a few months but he wanted to leave Seoul and his dad's company so badly. The shy, but happy Jungkook was really excited when he heard his parents wanted to take the exchange stu...