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  • LANGUAGE OF LOVE:Je t'aime
    5K 3.8K 29

    Para kay kiel wala na siya ibang kailangan pa he's rich and wealthy too many businesses to handle,he has everything but a partner Sa tingin niya naman ay hindi niya na kailangan nito dahil sa tingin niya ay dagdag lang ito sa sakit ng ulo niya Isa pa he finds it difficult to express his feelings dahil sa mga past is...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOÑADOR NO UN HACEDOR (Dreamer not a doer)COMPLETED☑️
    1.3K 969 18

    Dream seems realistic, someone would say "I hope my dream does not end, I hope it happens in reality" but someone would also say "I don't want this happen again, I hope it does not happen in reality." Nagising ka sa isang araw na nawala na ang importanteng bagay o tao sayo dahil lang sa isang panaginip na nagkakatotoo...

    95.2K 2.5K 44

    WARNING!!! R-18 ☡☡💦💦💦.... A daughter of Mr. President, a spoiled brat and a love sick girl.

    10.3K 7.2K 32

    Deim is just a lowly girl trying to survive in a world full of judgements. To protect her family, she needs to run and forget her past. For Deim, running from the past is the easiest way to forget the pain but, she was wrong. Will she able to conquer and overcome her past? Will she able to take the risk to protect he...

  • To Whom Engraved Herein (Del Gallego Series #1)
    12.2K 1K 34

    Athena Eutychia Herrera is the youngest white pigeon of their kindred. A damsel raised in an islet taught to be prim and proper. She was born in a well-famous family that hid a face of vicious kin. One thing her family inherits is pure idealism. As for what her stringent mother wants her to be, she often sees herself...

    Completed   Mature