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  • ✔ How to Make a Girl Jealous (Sequel to HTCAG) ✔
    63.5K 2.4K 27

    ❗ WARNING: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ MY FIRST BOOK HOW TO CATCH A GIRLFRIEND THEN YOU WILL BE GREATLY CONFUSED! I RECOMMEND YOU READ THAT FIRST!❗ ►Last year, Natsu was always jumping from girl to girl, always indecisive and never had a clue what he wanted. And when he met Lucy over a bet, his clue turned into an answer as...

  • ✔How To Catch A Girlfriend✔
    150K 5.3K 25

    ♡ "A dare is a dare, man. Go do it." ♡ ♡ Natsu gets dared to be the nerdy sweetheart, Lucy Heartfilia's boyfriend for one month, and in that time, Natsu falls in love with her. But, unfortunately, Lucy finds out about how he had been dared to date her, so she stops talking to him. Now it's Natsu's job to get her back...

  • Creepy Roommate (NaLu FF)
    1.4K 32 6

    I was watching a lot of horror stories and Life of Luxury. I feel like there aren't much or any NaLu horror stories. So yeah. A NaLu horror story. It's probably going to be five-ten chapters.

  • The roommates- lucy harem(ON HOLD)
    154 13 7

    Lucy heartfilia transfers to fairy high and has to share a dorm with some boys that like her. Who will win her heart in the end? I do not own fairy tail. I am bad at descriptions.(ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

  • At War With Love
    626 21 6

    The Humans and the Mermaids are at war. Sorta. Natsu Dragneel, the War Commander of the Humans, is determined to defeat the mermaids, especially after they kill his brother. Lucy Heartfilia, just an average mermaid who got caught up in all the mess, admires the War Commander and finds him very caring and VERY HOT. Wha...

  • Underwater (NaLu fanfic)
    5.7K 206 13

    Lucy's a mermaid Natsu is a pirate They fell in love. 'How?' you ask... Well, it started with her curiosity... This summary sucks!

  • Nalu Mermaid Tail
    3.8K 59 35

    There is a legend that if you see a mermaid's tail, you will be granted good fortune and luck. If you manage to get a scale from a mermaid, you'll find something very valuable. However, if you win her favor, your strength will have no bounds. Only one person has been known to acquire this power: Zeref, emperor of The...

  • Meet the Queen
    83.8K 2.8K 61

    Etherious Natsu Dragneel, END in short and also known as the King. He gets anything he wanted, name it and he'll have it. He has the looks, the wealth and the power of a mighty King. Though he may seem perfect for every girls gawking at him, he treats them badly with his sour attitude and kinda rude personality to any...

  • Wrong Number (NaLu)
    194K 8.5K 21

    "Hello, Erza?" "You dialled the wrong number, miss." "Oops, sorry - I didn't mean to." "What's your name?" "What?" - I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL OR ITS CHARACTERS. I do not own the art used in the cover. Credits to its artist. If you are the said artist, please message me so I could properly credit you or if you want me t...

  • Find Your Light (Light Within book 2)
    115 19 8

    Laika, the girl Cleo found on Earth a short while back, now has to watch as her best friend struggles to be at peace with her x-blood power and her heritage. She must help her uncover many secrets, like the mystery behind her parents' death. There's nothing Laika hates more than seeing Cleo's spirits crumble, and has...