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  • BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Hi, I'm Casinova,the author of this book. Requests are currently open! I'm sorry for the slowish updates! there's more coming soon!

  • Bnha boyfriend scenarios (Bnha x reader)
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    Request are open The outfit thing I use is an app called Nikki dress up just to help people out Characters included Midoriya Bakugou Todoroki Iida Kaminari Shoji Added later Sero Kirishima Dabi Aizawa Tamaki Shinsou

  • 𝙈𝙃𝘼 𝙗𝙛 𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙨
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    This is my first book so please cut me some slack here (;'༎ຶٹ༎ຶ') Requests are always open (Request Ik I said request are always open but rn they I closed bc I have too many of them!) Please don't be rude and that's all I ask🥰 Characters include: 🥦Deku🥦 💥Bakugou💥 ❄️🔥Todoroki❄️🔥 🪨Kirishma🪨 ⚡️Denki⚡️ 🧡Sero🧡 ...

  • Parent BHNA x Child Reader
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    Its in the title :3 Also I do not own any BNHA character or BHNA

  • My little flame
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    Dabi x child reader Dabi is your father and he kept you a secret to everyone. He loves you with all his heart and protects you. But what happens when the league finds out about his little secret? Can he protect his little flame? LOV x Child reader Dabi x daughter! Reader x Shigaraki Shigadabi ship

  • MHA Boyfriend Scenarios and One Shots
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    Uhhh i read a lot of shit and wanted to do my own to fit my preferences.... I promise its okay. It's a scenario and one-shot Started April 3, 2020

  • MHA boyfriend scenarios
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    You've probably seen this sort of shit EVERYWHERE on here, so I'm tagging along!

  • Yandere mha oneshots
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    Started: September 14th, 2020 Ended: June 5th, 2021 These are just for fun, and I try to update every day! Mostly female/gender neutral reader Most of these will be pretty short, so, sorry about that. And they might not be too good. Still, I hope you enjoy this! (PS. I may include OCs of mine occasionally if I need so...

  • BNHA oneshots
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    My first time making a book and first time doing these type of things....I'm nervous Manga characters too ^^ Gender equality :) Request if ya want :p I don't edit it so you might see errors or mistakes

  • MHA Boyfriend Scenarios
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    Deku Todoroki Bakugou Kirishima Denki Tokoyami Iida Hitoshi Mirio Ojiro Tamaki Tomura Uraraka Tsuyu Mina Hadou Aizawa Hawks I don't own My Hero Academia or any music/drawings in this book.

  • Bnha boyfriend Headcannons [ gender fluid ]
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    - Gender fluid (previously a fem reader so some are wanky) (very...very wanky) - Completed series - cringy - I hate this and it's bad and every time I see a notification for it I want to slap my hand over my eyes and pretend I don't exist.

  • [DISCONTINUED] Bnha Oneshots ♡
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    Story cover by @svngbird! ※DISCONTINUED※ Wanna have a book full of oneshots that's filled with cotton candy fluff or gloomy angst, both with a fuck ton of cringe in there? Well, here it is! (Sidenote: the latest are probably better)

  • bnha one shots !!
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  • Keigo Hawks x reader ~Oneshots~
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    Hawks x reader oneshots 🙈 ~i take requests just message me~ every chapter have three different versions female reader, male reader, and nonbinary reader ⚠️mature content⚠️ 🍋lemons🍋 ☁️fluff☁️ 💔angst💔

  • Bnha x Reader {OneShots}💚
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    So I decided to try this again! 🚫Request Are Closed🚫 .Lemons🍋 .Lime💦 .Fluff☁️ .Angst💔 I do not own Bnha or the characters💕 🐌Updates:Super Extreme Snail Speed🐌 ⭐️Please Be Sure To Vote⭐️

  • MHA Boyfriend Scenarios
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    My Hero Academia Boyfriend Scenarios -plus ultra 💖✨ Characters in this book: Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou Shouto Todoroki Eijirou Kirishima Denki Kaminari Hanta Sero Tenya Iida Fumikage Tokoyami Neito Monoma Hitoshi Shinsou Tamaki Amajiki Mirio Togata

  • My Hero Academia Oneshots + Matchups
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    Here you can read countless variations or the exact same characters Kohei Horikoshi has created. Maybe you're curious to who your perfect MHA match is? I'll pair you up to the best of my capabilities! Currently requests are closed; Both Matchups and Oneshots! Highest ranked in Fanfiction- #112

  • My hero academia boyfriend ScenariosScenarios
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    Well this is a thing I hope you enjoy

  • My hero academia preferences
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    And I oop

  • MHA Imagines
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    yes. my hero academia. my first anime imagines. enjoy- brookidoil © 2021 started : 27th may 2020

  • BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios + Oneshots
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    Ever wanted to see how it would feel like to date precious cinnamon roll, Midoriya? Or perhaps, the hot-headed Bakugou? NOW YOU CAAN :>

  • My Hero Academia Scenarios!
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    Mha scenarios / oneshots inside also I will be putting me inside

  • вnнa вғ/gғ ѕcenarιoѕ
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    Boyfriend/Girlfriend scenarios with some of the BnHA characters Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or pictures used in these scenarios

  • Mha boyfriend scenarios
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    Random scenarios with some of the mha boys Requests are open Cover art is not mine Characters are not mine

  • Bnha parent scenarios
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    -Message me for requests- PNG CREDITS TO OWNER SLOW UPDATES Please do not spam vote-It blows up my notifications Reader insert where you have a kid with the bnha boys. Includes Deku Bakugo Todoroki Kirishima Kaminari Shinso Tamaki Hawks I might switch some characters, if you want a character to be switched just commen...

  • when the sky cries | bnha x FEM! reader
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    " falling in love is like the rain. it's unpredictable, but there are always signs before it completely falls. " ✧ FEMALE! reader [ male and female love interests ] STARTED ;; 9 december 2018 ENDED ;; 27 march 2021 [disclaimer: boku no hero academia belongs to its rightful owners, i only used the characters to make...

  • Hawks x reader oneshots
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    a bunch of Hawks Oneshots Lemons 🍋 Fluff ✨ Limes ❇️

  • ❤️Bnha X Reader❤️
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    Just thought I would give something huge like this a try XD 🚫Closed For Good🚫 ❤️First ever oneshot book❤️ 👔Slow updates👔 (I do not own any of the pictures nor Bnha or any of these characters)

    Completed   Mature
  • BNHA Boyfriend-Husband Scenarios
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    Boys In This: Bakugo Todoroki Deku Kirishima Shinso Tamaki --- Added: Dabi --- I don't own any of the boys that are going to be in the scenarios! Only some of my ocs and me! Hope you guys like this story! Oh and Y/N is gender neutral here! If you see some things that revolves around females I am so sorry if it offense...