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    you just got this job and already there was something incredibly wrong with the animatronics. And you were to scared to find out. but you didn't need to, since a certain animatronic kept you all to himself.

  • [One Hell Of A Breach] FNAF Female Security Breach Characters x Male Reader
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    Your name is Y/N, and you and your friends decided to check out the new mall.. ''Freddy Fazbears Mega PizzaPlex'' little did you know..animatronics, a security girl, and a serial killer start to fall for you. What will happen? it and find out, you blockhead. WARNING: This story may include SWEARING, LEMONS, and...

  • [TFF] Showtime
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    This is a "TheFamousFilms" fanfiction that takes place shortly after Bryan's death. There are major changes from what happens in the cannon events after his death, but a few things are the same. Welcome, my friends, to SHOWTIME! Any fanfictions released by me that are related to Showtime, will have the symbol [TSF...

  • [TFF]Crack on a Highway
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    The Glamrock Animatronics decided that the only way they could get answers about their past was at Freddy-Land. Only problem is, how will they get there? Well they... In this story, Jon does not yet know about Bryan's death, and Bryan's death has not been publicly announced to the world. Molten is still acting as Br...

  • {𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝙲𝚊𝚗'𝚝 𝙷𝚒𝚍𝚎.} Glamrock Freddy x Killer Reader
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    "You can't hide from me Gregory." You smiled as You heard his labored breathing getting more louder. You looked up at Chica, the one who was manipulated second. You nodded and her eyes glew red. ----------------------------*****--------------- You were a follower of Glitchtrap. And with the help of another follower...

  • [Stay still] Glamrock Freddy x reader
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    you and Gregory knew each other for a long time so you both decide to see what's really hiding in the pizza plex, and little do you know this is the worse mistake you've ever made in your life. #1 in glamrock Freddy (12/4/20) #1 in fnaftheories (1/3/21) Person who drew the cover commented 4/6/21 (fantasticalrain on In...