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  • Transformers: Sparklets
    83 5 2

    Apollo Titan is dead. His younger sister, Artemis Titan, has been put in control of the Autokids. Wrench Medica, her faithful medic and second in command, is faithfully helping her new leader while training her younger sister Screwdriver, after the death of her youngest Sparklet member Ratchet Green. Meanwhile, in the...

  • Transformers Memes
    125K 4.4K 146

    The Title Says it All ! Just A Book Of Transformers Memes!

  • Wheeljack & Ratchet 2 - Skydive's Mission (in work)
    1.5K 101 10

    After Megatron successfully captured Wheeljack and modified Starscream's project into his master weapon, Skydive gets trained by her dad Ratchet in healing and by aunt Navy in inventing weapons. Unfortunately Skydive's clone will be her worst opponent... Continuation for Wheeljack & Ratchet - A Love Story

  • Wheeljack's book of literal scrap
    93.2K 4.2K 201

    Yep, another one Pictures do not belong to me unless I say they do Highest ranks: #3 important,

  • WheelJack x Ratchet
    14.8K 265 11

    What does wheel jack do when he finally tells Ratchet how he feels? After Ratchet is told disharmony breaks through. Will Ratchet and Wheel Jack ever come to agreement of them liking each other or will Wheel Jack feel miserable for ever telling the medic? Read to fine out :3 *BOOK COVER IS NOT MINE! I ALSO DO NOT OW...

  • Get a fragging recharge ! (Ratchet x Wheeljack)
    3.3K 89 2

    Ratchet has been working on the synthen formula for weeks. Wheeljack has recently come back to base, what he doesn't know, is that the the medic has been skipping his recharge to keep working...

  • When I first laid eyes upon you
    6.1K 167 4

    A transformers prime fanfic (Remember the one I did in the g1 universe? This one is basically the same but in the prime universe) Wheeljack knew Ratchet was the one when he first laid optics on him. He wasn't so sure how to bring it to him, so it was kind of awkward when he tried to flirt with him (which almost alwa...

  • Wheeljack & Ratchet (complete)
    70K 1.9K 32

    Wheeljack is someone who doesn't take care a lot. But when Ratchet is in his near his character changes into something friendly.... Note to all Autobots at the base: Don't let these two Bots alone! (beware of sexual content) Enjoy ❤

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckformers Robots In Disguise
    159K 2.8K 34

    so..... I can't fucking control myself anymore and I wanna bang robots)) requests are open-but if you want a decepi-cock you gotta ask me if it's one I'm willing to write-)) yay robot dick

  • Transformers Lemons
    1M 11.8K 113

    Lemons between human or cybertronian readers and robots from transformers the movies or the series. I will be taking requests. Update: My newer lemons are better than my older ones mainly because my older ones are so cringeworthy and just plain cancer. If I were you I'd skip a few lemons, like a lot. But if you want...

  • Optimus Prime x Bumblebee oneshots & songfics
    8.5K 164 5

    Just some OP x Bee for ya! I do not own any of the transformers warnings: Might be swearing and mature content ~Enjoy

  • Transformers Prime, Bumblebee hurt
    4.2K 54 9

    bumblebee is hurt by Megatron and got hurt from the fight.

  • TF RID: Kitty Bumblebee
    5K 155 20

    Bumblebee had been captured by the Decepticons. The cons had erased his memories and somehow turned him into an Algoranian. An Algoranian is a Cybertronian that is half animal. For example, Steeljaw appears to be an Algoranian, but he isn't and there are 3 main reasons that prove this. Will the Autobots get Bumblebee...

  • Transformers One Shots!~ (Fluff/smut/lemon/Ect.) (CLOSED)
    3.8K 67 8

    This book is now closed. Please do not request anything. But please feel free to read.

    Completed   Mature
  • Transformers Lemons And Oneshots
    92.6K 1.8K 51

    Just like the title says. No hate or I will more than likely hurt your feelings because I'm done with people's bullshit. I hope everyone likes this and I am willing to take requests. (Boy x Girl) only. I have no problem with girl x girl or boy x boy I just don't feel like writing it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Transforms Lemons
    84.6K 880 34

    I'm making this as dirty as I can think of I'm taking requests of Bayverse G1 TFP RID Mtmte Maybe Cyberverse Hope you enjoy~

  • Little Optimus (TFP Little Series)
    49.1K 1.7K 7

    During a battle with the Decepticons, Optimus is turned into a sparkling. Ratchet races against time to restore him before they lose the Optimus they know. The rest of the team tries to help their leader the best they can. Keeping him safe and also making sure he doesn't feel useless. Can they help him before the sp...

  • ❤💛Book of Knockout x Bumblebee Things💛❤
    1.4K 51 15

    This is for all you KOxBB shippers (and me UWU). There will be pictures from which I find on the interwebz and so of my own drawings (they are mostly of them as dragons). Enjoy! Also, for those of you who DO NOT ship KOxBB at all, please dont comment mean things about it. No one likes a hater, all ships are great. If...

  • Yellow and Red Scars (On Hold)
    962 36 14

    Bumblebee is forced to be Knockouts slave on the Nemesis. As time goes by, they both discover they mean more to each other.

  • Transformers Prime: Through Bad and Through Worse
    142K 3.9K 54

    So this is a RatchetxOptimus fanfic written by a partnership between me, Pepauppy_Autobot, and ScorchleDragon. We do not own Transformers or its characters, we only own the plot. Cover art not mine. #TooLazyToDoItMyself

  • Don't steal my sunshine
    12K 319 9

    A transformers prime fanfic "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away..." -Lyrics from 'You are my sunshine' by Johnny Cash When a mission goes wrong and Ratchet and Wheeljack are captured, they ha...

  • I'm still here
    18.8K 414 8

    A transformers prime fanfic Optimus Prime and Megatron. Two great forces colliding and battling to the death. Both of which miss each other dearly even though they crush the other beneath their feet. They were friends, but now they're foes on the battlefield. Staring each other down, weapons drawn for the fight. B...

  • |Hello, Love| (DISCONTINUED)
    6.6K 181 14

    A transformers prime fanfic (Ratchet x Optimus) (The sequel to "Hey Jealousy") **I NO LONGER SHIP THEM** Causeway is growing up to be a fine femme, but she still has a long way to go. Adventurous and rebellious, she certainly gives Ratchet and Optimus headaches when she gets into trouble. Even though she has her m...

  • [|Courier of Darkness|]
    5.9K 279 16

    A transformers prime fanfic In a turn of events, Chief Medical Officer Ratchet is kidnapped by Megatron's forces and held somewhere in Kaon, the newly named Decepticon capital. After spending some time working in slave-like conditions, Ratchet is then transferred to the very place that Megatron calls home after his id...

  • Transformers Oneshots [REQUESTS CLOSED]
    30K 704 36

    For more information, read inside! This is my first time doing one of these, so bear with me XD

  • *{Wrenches and Kisses}*
    12K 375 9

    A transformers prime fanfic (Ratchet x Wheeljack) Ratchet wasn't your typical bar-goer, but tonight was an exception. After a hard day at work, he just wanted to unwind and drink his stress away. He wasn't expecting to meet a certain flirtatious wrecker, though. And the more he got to know him, the more he realize...

  • Little Honeybee 🐝
    26.7K 871 11

    A transformers RID fanfic (Knockout x Bumblebee) A flash of red caught the former scout's attention and his bright blue optics flicked up, the sound of his pedes against the soft grass filling his audio receptors. 'Who could this be?' He wondered as he climbed the hill, weaving through the trees until he froze in h...

  • Broken without you 💔
    18.4K 506 15

    A transformers g1 fanfic (Megatron x Optimus) How am I supposed to function without you by my side? You were my best friend, now you're my worst enemy. What has become of us? I'm slowly suffocating under the weight of my guilt and sadness. I need you now more than ever. I didn't want to be this way. I didn't want...

  • |Hey Jealousy|
    40.7K 1.2K 33

    A transformers prime fanfic (Optimus x Ratchet) **I NO LONGER SHIP THEM** While visiting the medical center of Iacon, Orion meets a young medic named Ratchet. He becomes quick friends with him, despite their personalities being somewhat different from each other. The only problem is that Megatronus doesn't like Ratc...

  • My sweetspark
    5.9K 150 5

    A transformers fanfic (g1) Wheeljack figures out that he has feelings for Ratchet and is scared to admit it to the Medic. He decides to go to Perceptor for advice. Ratchet also has feelings for Wheeljack but he keeps it a secret from everyone. He doesn't admit it until Wheeljack starts to spend more time with him an...