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  • Tevun-Krus #78 - Utopian SF
    438 160 15

    So what is Utopian SF? Is there an objective definition? Or will we inevitably be accused of political bias for saying free healthcare, education, a health-based approach to drug use and rehabilitation, universal basic income for everybody, art is beautiful, no more crime, no more war, peace, love, success for everybo...

  • Tevun-Krus #77 - BioPunk
    508 134 14

    BioPunk focuses on biotechnology -- technology that alters the genetics of an organism. Broadly, this can even refer to selective breeding, but for the purposes of BioPunk fiction, it tends to refer to things like bioengineering, or biomods, which are programmed to enhance or alter the abilities of an individual.

  • Tevun-Krus #76 - AfroFuturism
    602 150 13

    Combining traditional African culture with the endless possibilities that is our science-fiction future, AfroFuturism is one of sci-fi's most unique and little-known contributions. Dive on in!

  • Tevun-Krus #75 - International 4: SolarPunk
    2K 689 61

    One sun, one planet, one people. Welcome the fourth International Edition of Tevun-Krus, where you can find excellent sci-fi in all sorts of non-English languages! (Don't worry, there's some English, too!) This time around, we tackle the little-known eco-sci-fi sub-genre known as SolarPunk.

  • Tevun-Krus #74 - A Very Superhuman Christmas
    629 150 14

    He sees you when you're sleeping... He knows when you're awake... No, we're not talking about Santa Claus, mothertroopers. We're talking about Superman! Dude's got game, baby! Much like all the other supes you'll find in this year's Christmas issue of Tevun-Krus. It's all about the superheroes, 'troopers! Ooorah!

  • Tevun-Krus #73 - Best of '19
    680 110 10

    We should all know by now what a TK Best Of issue is all about, 'troopers. For those just joining us: Some of Tevun-Krus' favourite writers return to each write one brand-new story for 2019's various sub-genres and themes. And this one's the last of the teens!

  • Tevun-Krus #72 - Anti-Villain SF
    964 213 17

    They're not all pale, pasty nerds with chemistry degrees! The Anti-Villain is the Anti-Hero's opposite: Where the Anti-Hero does good deeds for morally bankrupt reasons, the Anti-Villain has good intentions but deplorable methods.

  • Tevun-Krus #71 - Spy-Fi
    1K 181 14

    Operation Starhide. Sorry to disturb you from your rest, Agent Mothertrooper, but this looming threat needs nipped sooner rather than later. You know it, you love it... It's Spy-Fi! Think the world of subterfuge, spies, gadgets and deception. Think the wackiest James Bond films, Austin Powers, and more. Let the Ooorah...

  • Tevun-Krus #70 - Punk Wars II
    705 120 12

    Three years ago we created a new concept: Punk Wars! Where two (or more) sci-fi -Punk sub-genres collide in one science-fiction story. Now we're back at it again. That's right, we're returning to the Punk Wars, 'troopers! Ooorah!

  • Tevun-Krus #69 - Erotic SF
    21.3K 274 14

    69. Hubba-hubba. It's the 69th issue of TK, so it's gotta be Erotic SF. Of course.

  • Tevun-Krus #68 - SkyPunk
    551 119 12

    Since the dawn of time, we've looked up and wondered what it would be like to live in the sky. Now we can! It's SkyPunk, baby!

  • Tevun-Krus #67 - Virtual Reality
    626 162 13

    Possibly the most ubiquitous of the sci-fi sub-genres in our real life. Who hasn't seen or read or played something that utilized a VR concept? And it's very much in our own lives now, with the Oculus Rift and other VR gadgets.

  • Tevun-Krus #66 - Satanic SF
    508 98 11

    Welcome to issue #66(6), Satanic SF. It's like Theological SF, but specifically about satanism.

  • Tevun-Krus #65 - AcidPunk
    494 120 14

    You might know this as WeedPunk, TransistorPunk, PsychedeliPunk, etc. The ideals and fads of the 1960s prevail, featuring psychedelic drug-ridden elements of society or hemp-based technologies, all wrapped up in a cloud of sci-fi smoke.

  • Tevun-Krus #64 - International III: CommunicationPunk
    1.4K 443 52

    The third Tevun-Krus International is here, and it's also known as CommunicationPunk! What's that? Never heard of such a thing? Neither have we! But we assume it deals with language, with communication, and with science fiction! This is some sci-fi history being made. This time we're also featuring English-language st...

  • Tevun-Krus #63 - A Very DecoPunk Christmas
    383 106 12

    What is DecoPunk? We're still not sure! But it's got Christmas-related shit this time around!

  • Tevun-Krus #62 - Best of 2018
    990 203 12

    Your favourite TK regulars are back for this year's always-exciting Best Of issue! Take a look at the sub-genres the Ooorah crew tackled over the course of 2018 with nine brand-new sci-fi stories!

  • Tevun-Krus #61 - Remembrance Day Military SF Special
    485 103 13

    On the one-hundred-year anniversary of the end of the Great War, TK remembers with this issue.

  • Tevun-Krus #60 - Final Contact
    986 229 19

    The complement to First Contact. Final Contact is the departure, the last transmission, and maybe even the extinction.

  • Tevun-Krus #59 - SpacePunk
    638 132 14

    A voyage across the stars, finding mysterious worlds and weird beings...

  • Tevun-Krus #58 - Anti-Hero SF
    788 162 14

    No, they don't all have six-pack abs, leather jackets and a fat joint smouldering between their perfect pink lips! It's the Anti-Hero Special!

  • Tevun-Krus #57 - Colonisation SF
    832 145 13

    They came, they saw, they conquered. Or maybe they came, they saw, they co-existed and educated?

  • Tevun-Krus #56 - BonePunk
    1.1K 182 17

    It's like StonePunk but with bones instead of stones!

  • Tevun-Krus #55 - May The 4th Be With You: The Space Opera Special
    1.3K 327 24

    Happy Star Wars Day, 'troopers! May the 4th be with you!

  • Tevun-Krus #54 - OceanPunk
    1.1K 231 20

    TK's waterbound this month! It's OceanPunk!

  • Tevun-Krus #53 - Return to First Contact
    1.2K 230 20

    TK returns to the scene of the original crime with TK53: Return to First Contact!

  • Tevun-Krus #52 - International Edition 2
    2.3K 406 52

    Tevun-Krus International Edition 2 Last year's edition was so successful we decided to do it again and man, it's epic! Featuring stories told in a whole lotta' languages, plus one or two of TK's regular features, there's probably something in here for everyone!

  • Tevun-Krus #51 - A Very Post-Apocalyptic Christmas
    659 169 16

    Tevun-Krus delivers its fifty-first issue with this latest Christmas special!

  • Tevun-Krus #50
    2.2K 607 53

    That's right. The big five-oh. The 50th issue of Tevun-Krus. No subtitle. No need for explanations. Dive on in and see what greatness is made of.

  • Tevun-Krus #49 - Best of 2K17
    2.3K 401 31

    Well, we here at Tevun-Krus have been doin' this sort of thing since 2014. What is "this sort of thing"? Best-Of issues, of course! And 2K17 is no different-- That's a lie! Best of 2K17 is different, in that this time we wanted* to bring you 38 brand-new stories, one from every major sci-fi sub-genre we've tackled! It...