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    "The key to the your fingerprints." "What?" A dangerous treasure, that could harm the entire world if placed into the wrong hands...the dark side. A harmful device that can only be activated with a key that is locked away in a box that no one can open...apart from... "Lila, it is time to go." "Coming!" ...

  • Royal Mess
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    ♔♕ The Washington family, also known as the royal family of America. The Washington family are direct descendants or George Washington, the first President of the US. 20 years prior, the presidency system was abolished and instead, Washington's descendants stepped in, and now, they're ruling a country. ♔♕ Princess Aud...

  • Ella
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    Ella is an half cast somewhere in Africa. Ella emerges on a journey of a new life, determined to attain victory, but as we all know, life is a twist full of ups and downs, love and hate, happiness and tears and the good and bad.

  • Save Me
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    "She wasn't meant to be soft and quiet, She was meant to make the world shatter and shake at her fingertips." Sylvie Allenon is captured and tortured for two years by Holdynn Hames. After years of misery and manipulation she decides to change her fate. Be obedient to get her way. Sylvie will find many things from her...

  • 𝙊𝙣𝙚 𝙙𝙖𝙮
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    Elena, a Mexican girl came to London for making her dreams come true, but when she meets one of the members of the biggest and famous band beatless, her life changed, as having a well-known and attractive boyfriend she was constantly in the eye of paparazzi, that was making her life difficult but when her life came on...

  • Sinatus
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    This book tells the story of Lily, a thirteen-year-old girl growing up as a Sinatus, not born into a magical family. Determined to overcome all the obstacles and hardship to become a witch despite of her non-magical heritage, she struggles through a series of challenges designed to test her abilities and worthiness to...

  • Beating For You 🖤
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    Raven Lance is the girl under the hood, people walk past her and they don't really notice that she's there, like a swimming ghost she walks around, feeling her sense of freedom in her own little world. She's a mystery to all of her peers and that's how she likes it, but she can't shake the feeling of loneliness, the w...

  • INK
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    More than two hundred years after The Shift shattered the world as we know it, Strid K.'s life is changed forever when she's caught writing with forbidden materials.

  • The Mrs. Woods Mystery
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    "Between you and me, I specifically requested to be in Mrs. Woods' class," Zac said, slightly louder so Dream could hear him. "What?! Why would you do that?" "To investigate," Zac admitted. "Investigate what?" "It's a horrible thing," Zac said, beginning to speak in a softer voice again. "But I have a hunch th...