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  • Faithful
    24.6K 741 22

    The Hotchner family is happy. At least it seemed. One Hotchner isn't happy and another soon won't be either.

    Completed   Mature
  • SSA Hotchniss
    11.1K 190 17

    Why is it that we always deny love until we risk losing it? Then we want nothing more than the love we once refused. Well, this SSA doesn't plan on losing that love. After all, every member of the BAU is a fighter.

  • Shattered. [Aaron Hotchner + Emily Prentiss]
    7.5K 195 19

    Emily and Hotch shared secrets feelings amongst one another, and when they finally acted upon them, neither were surprised but when another people come into the mix, how does Hotch feel about the situation? Is it too much pressure, too fast? Will he leave the one person he's wanted to be with for years, or will he hel...

  • 7 years - Hotchniss
    4.9K 203 7

    "They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops." But what happens when time catches up with you? As Aaron Hotchner finds himself in his worst nightmare, he realizes how valuable time is. [ A short story about Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss. Haley & Jack do not exist. ]

  • 10 things I love about you - Hotchniss
    28.5K 1K 26

    [Sequel to 10 things I hate about you] Quantico, 2006. Emily Prentiss has just received the offer of her dreams: to work at the BAU. However, she is faced by someone she has been trying to get over since she was 17 years old. Is this a second chance for a happy ever after or is this going to hurt her even more? This...

  • Imperfections || hotchniss
    16.4K 550 25

    «Baby, you should let me hold you let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Baby, good love and protection I love your imperfections» _ Emily has just returned from her months undercover in France, but the things are definitely not the way she left them before faking her death. Her best friend, the o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life as a mother
    42.3K 1.2K 41

    "I'm not the first one that fell in love with my boss!" Little did she know that he wasn't the first one to fell in love with his subordinate and longtime friend. Follow them from their start of the relationship to something more.

  • left better unsaid
    1.5K 25 9

    new agent has an interesting connection to the BAU

  • Great Loss (a hotchniss story)
    26.5K 431 33

    Aaron Hotchner gets some news about one of his members, Emily Prentiss. Little did the team know, he developed some feelings towards her. As the big news affects both of their lives and a harsh sentence said, what will they do?

  • Forbidden Love and Lust
    4.1K 94 11

    Aaron Hotchner, the boss, the leader. Strauss has very high expectations for him and his team. Within this she expects very professional work and NO relationships with each other. Within the few years Emily has been a part of the team her and Hotch have gotten really close with each other, after Haley's passing espec...

  • 30 Day OTP Writing Challenge
    26.6K 505 30

    30 Prompts. 30 Stories. 1 OTP.

  • One Sided Love Story (Aaron Hotchner x reader)
    23.8K 728 29

    Y/n y/l/n would've never dreamed of working at the BAU, you were content with your ordinary life as a local detective. That was until you received a call from SSA Aaron Hotchner and from that day forward you packed your bags and left behind your hometown. Aaron Hotchner was left heartbroken when the love of his life...

  • Family
    48.8K 690 38

    Hotch and Emily are married. Jj is still married to will but is she in love with her Bestfriend. Derek and Garcia are together. Hope you enjoy this story. Please give me feedback as this is my second story.

  • Tequila
    15.3K 361 17

    *this story about hotchniss is sad and I am not responsible for any tears you shed reading this* it's also really cute ☺

  • Help Me
    10K 191 11

    Hotchniss Fanfic...just sit back and Enjoy

  • Emily And Aaron
    46.1K 658 15

    This is a hotchniss story. There will be a little bit of the team in here, but mainly Aaron and Emily. There might be some sexual content or strong language. Please Enjoy the story and comment and vote -Paget

  • Family isn't Always Blood (A Criminal Minds fanfic)
    163K 4.4K 44

    Criminal Minds fanfic. No Jack or Henry (sorry). Jeid, Hotchniss and Morcia.

  • Hotchniss
    110K 2.7K 38

    He leans his head back and although she can't see him she can feel his breath on her neck. "I need you to promise me something," he whispers. "Anything," she says, her heart pounds in her throat. "I need you to promise that you won't fight them." He says and she wants to scream at him. She wants to hit him and make h...

  • Your perfect to me
    27.5K 369 23

    Emily gets back from faking her death and it is going to be hard to get people's trust back but one person never gave up on her ever and that was Hotch

  • Conversations (A Hotchniss fanfic!)
    39.9K 847 11

    Hey guys! This is my first continuing fanfic! It establishes a relationship that continues to grow

  • How Aaron and Emily finally got together
    12.5K 137 6

    How Emily and Hotch finally come to terms with their feelings and get tigether and they end up having their daughter.

  • Just Friends?
    40.3K 595 13

    Hotchniss I wrote this years ago so it could be really bad

  • a second chance - Hotchniss
    88.6K 2.2K 46

    [TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with eating disorders. Do not read if this could trigger you!] Emily and Aaron Hotchner have been married for nearly 13 years. They have had problems for some time now and eventually decided to get divorced. How will their 16-years-old daughter Alaska handle the situation, especially...

  • "Little do you know" - Hotchniss
    112K 2.3K 32

    Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner are best friends. They have been really close for a long time, always being there for each other. Their close friendship already scared away many potential partners for each of them, but they always chose their friendship over a relationship to someone else. But little do they know th...

  • safe with me - Hotchniss
    49.4K 1K 9

    Emily Prentiss and Aaron Hotchner have been in a secret relationship for three months. It's their little thing, their secret, and it works out pretty well. But what happens when Emily discovers that she is pregnant? [set in season 3; Hotch & Haley are divorced]

  • Where it all began
    10.4K 258 26

    Emily and JJ have a fun night with their team members and make some questionable decisions. Will this night change their lives for better or for worse. Things keep changing and the team isn't sure if they can keep up in the fight for their lives everyone must adjust as people they think of as family come and go. ~sit...

  • You Were Never Alone
    27.4K 579 33

    The Second Book to Hotchniss! uh... I don't really know yet. I'll work on it.

  • 10 things I hate about you - Hotchniss
    47.6K 2K 24

    Set in 1987. 17-years-old Emily Prentiss is the complete opposite of the expectation of an ambassadress' daughter. Suffering from the bad relationship to her parents, she does everything to earn their enviousness, breaking literally every rule that is set. What happens when 21-years-old agent Aaron Hotchner, working i...