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  • My Life Saver // Connor Franta
    559K 8.4K 48

    Contains self harm and suicidal content. Don't say I didn't warn you. Reader discretion is advised. // (NEEDS MAJOR EDITING, DO NOT READ)

  • Life with Franta
    35.5K 1K 29

    (Book Two) When reality seems to hit them hard, both Connor and Mackenzie stray. When things become more complicated than ever, tragedy shakes among the group of friends and the one person who seems to get blamed for everything. Will Mackenzie be able to handle the outcome of her dreams, or is it too late?

  • Mr. Frantastic
    169K 3.2K 32

    (Book One) College is supposed to be a free-spirit and well rounded environment for most freshman, however for Mackenzie Burns it's just that and a whole lot more, especially when she finds out her new roommate will be a boy. She seems to hate the idea, that is until she meets Connor Franta and suddenly everything cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Year Oversea | Kian Lawley
    1.4M 24.4K 39

    [DISCLAIMER: Don't read if you don't like sappy cliché stories that move too fast. this story needs to be edited but i don't have the time right now so bare with my spelling and writing skills from three years ago, it gets better I promise] Lucy is a 16 year old girl from England .She's crazy about America and will sp...

  • Imagine: Filming With Connor
    55 4 1

    a short imagine about you being connor's best friend and doing the whisper challenge with him

  • adopted by o2l♥
    2K 38 2

    What will happen after chloe has been in the orphanage for 11 years? will she finally get adopted? what happens when the famous youtubers o2l decide to addopt a girl?

  • California Love || Jc Caylen [1]
    865K 11.8K 46

    Meet Megan or Meg as she likes to be called, a YouTuber who just happens to not believe in long distance relationships. What happens when her best friend Kian Lawley decides to play match maker or does he even have to. Book one of two ©pvnkqueen

  • Tragedy Based Love (Trevor Moran fanfic)
    54.9K 1.2K 13

    So this starts with a girl named Ryli Brant. On her 15th birthday, she's waiting for her parents and older brother to get home from buying her presents when the hospital calls her and informs her that they have died in a terrible car accident, and that she needs to move in with her closest relative, being in Minnesota...

  • DON'T READ ------------------------------- Always (Trevor Moran)
    98K 1.7K 33

    (A/N) 9/13/19 - dude stop reading this trevor isn't straight and i regret writing this i'm keeping it up as a way to never forget my.... disgusting and humble roots. **** 1/21/17 - people are still reading this?! BOI i was like twelve when i wrote this and it's so cringy looking back at it, i apologize in advANCE IF...

  • Yes. - lost.
    366K 10.1K 29

    [Completed - Editing] Dylan Radner was a regular fourteen year-old. She went to school regularly as a freshman in high school, did everything she was told to do, and had a best friend. She was considered normal. Unless you count the fact her parents have died when she was young and was taken in by her aunt. The only t...

  • Falling For the Cloud (Jc Caylen Love Story)
    467K 7.7K 24

    Shelby is a Youtuber and musician living in New York with her best friend Andrea. She is close friends with the Our2ndLife members and is soon going to see them at Teen Hoot. She is especially excited to see Jc. Will their time together be amazing or will it crumble and ruin everything? Read and find out(:

  • Yes. 2 - growing up.
    375K 8.7K 35

    {Sequel to Yes.} Dylan Radner was only fifteen when she met her idols. Our2ndLife and their friends. It seemed perfect after she hosted their show during Digi. Ever since, Dylan has been hosting many shows for different types of YouTubers and singers. But the only show she hasn't hosted yet was an Our2ndLife show. Eve...

  • Had Me At Hello (Trevor Moran Fanfic)
    194K 4.8K 28

    Being Connor Franta's younger sister, Sienna, has it's ups and downs. One up just happened to come her way when she was invited to come to Vidcon from her recently famous YouTube channel. When she gets there, will she just fall on love?

  • Harmony (Trevor Moran Fanfiction) {Discontinued}
    54.9K 724 27

    The funny, talented teenage YouTuber, Ellie Mae Franta, Connor Franta's younger sister, is moving in with O2L to be their 7th member and only girl member of the collab! Ellie meets all the guys and instantly falls head-over-heels for the talented Trevor Moran. Funny thing is, he likes her back. Will they have a realat...

  • Adopted by O2L
    187K 3.7K 30