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  • Collaborator Arc 2: Conquering Nature
    262 80 20

    War has started. Will Trey and his friends prevail against Hoffman? Or will his secret make it so they lose everything? Find out now.

    Completed   Mature
  • Collaborator Filler Arc 1
    49 27 4

    Just a few episodes showing some moments in between arcs. All canonical to the main story but I felt couldn't fit into the timeline appropriately.

  • Collaborator Arc 1: Fade To Begin
    1K 167 20

    10% of Earth's population are infected with mysterious parasites that grant them power. In a dream like state, they manifest as mythical creatures of old. Join Tremaine and his friends as they go through their journey as one of the 10% and deal with the adversity caused by humans.

    Completed   Mature
  • Among Us: Game 1
    218 43 8

    This is a game of life and death. It really depend on how well you can lie, keep stuff on the down low, and how stealthy you can be. Ten people that aren't people (characters on the cover) are put onto a space shuttle. Three are imposters and seven are innocent. The imposters goal is to kill all the crew members and...

  • The Flower Squad: Mystery Of The Secret Passage
    639 144 14

    The T.H.C (Treasure Hunt Contest) is about to begin! The friends decide to take part in it but their opponents are very clever. When their opponents swap the real map with a fake one, the friends find a secret passage! Will the friends be able to escape the dangers of this mysterious passage? To know, join the friends...

  • Secrets Of Skira
    213 48 8

    A determined girl finds a magical gem which gives her the difficult task to solve the mystery of a magical city Skira, the gem turns Serena's life around but even with the challenges she will complete her mission.

  • Collaborator Filler Arc 2
    42 16 4

    More in between episodes.