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  • Miss me, Kacchan?
    12.8K 477 13

    For years Bakugou bullied Deku. One day, Deku goes to the forest and attempts to kill himself by stabbing himself with a knife. Before he can puncture his skin, however, he meets the League of Villains, who offers him a chance to have a different life; a new start; revenge on his 'friend.' "Miss me, Kacchan?" CONTAIN...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Lifetime Ago
    14.5K 412 13

    Midoriya was verbally and physically abused by his mother Inko, and all he had was his one friend Todoroki and his brother who was always his rock. Touya protected Midoriya and Todoroki from their childhood friend turned tormenter. One day Inko takes it too far with the abuse and Midoriya's father steps in and takes h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sunsets Lead To Sunrises (Dadzawa story)
    85.2K 3.3K 22

    When Inko leaves to join Hisashi in America, she leaves behind her son Izuku-entrusting temporary custody to the prestigious hero school U.A. Aizawa grows concerned at Izuku's overly self-reliant tendencies and vows to become the father Izuku never had. A bittersweet tale where Izuku learns to be a kid again and finds...

  • Green Lights
    131K 3.5K 41

    Izuku Midoriya doesn't want to be a hero not anymore not after seeing what a so called hero is capable of without even flinching. Of course that all changes when his best friend is put in a comma because those "heros" didn't help. That is when he realised its better to be one of the few true heros then hate the many f...

  • The Blind Hero
    181K 4.4K 27

    Izuku's quirk hadn't manifested yet and people assumed he was quirk less and for that he was bullied and harassed but everything got worse when he was blinded by the one he called friend then after meeting someone who shares Izuku's disability everything begins to change (I don't own my hero academia and I don't own...

  • Pregnant Female Deku!
    244 5 1

    Female Deku got hit by a pregnancy quirk! #Kastudeku #BakuDeku

  • The Star Hero: Shiny Chariot
    261 10 1

    Midoriya Izuki has been neglected by her parents since she could remember, the pair favouring their elder daughter rather than her. She sometimes can't help but fall apart and then a new opportunity presents itself, with UA offering her a scholarship (recommendation). Join Izuki on her journey throughout love, blood a...

  • Canary Cry
    55 2 2

    Fourteen year old Maiya Sugawara is the daughter of the most two famous people in Japan, unfortunately, one of them is a villain. Her mother is the Canary Hero: Black Canary. Her father is the villain named Puppet Master. When she gets into U.A she only has one friend, Izuku Midoriya. Her other friend, Katsuki Baku...

  • Your Wings are my shield, Bakugou x Oc
    38 4 5

    Friends with izuku, Protected him from bakugou, Fell in love, This is the life of Reiu harruna(Oc's name)

  • What About Us
    122 7 7

    Kamira Kaushik was only seven when she lost her parents she was taken to a lab where she saw Jeshi-san Disclaimer i don't own any my hero academia character or jeshi-san Jeshi-san is a friend's oc We meet on deviant art {BABTQFTIMBendystraw} it's her Deviant Art Account she gave me permission to use her oc

  • Fire Bound
    51 0 6

    Dear Diary, My name is Izzy Midoriya, and this is my story. *DISCLAIMER* Cover art is not mine, and I give credit to the creator. I also do not own any of My Hero Academia characters or plot. I only own Izzy and the plot that I have changed.

  • Songbird
    72.4K 1.6K 15

    After hawks gets captured by the League of villains. Dabi and hawks are forced to be around each other. One not realizing the past they shared. WARNING -smut -violence -rape possible -strong language -mature content I don't own the characters or art. I did this for entertainment purposes only

  • Music in the rain || [OP Deku AU]
    42.8K 771 59

    Don't mind the zeros. Just read it. The real story starts in Chapter.00 since I'm rewriting it. If you want to know the future plot, check out the 0's, but it definitely won't be the same. "Huh...Shiroi?!" Sirens blazing "I?..." "HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO HIM! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! IS IT BECAUSE OF THE MILITARY? DON'T C...

  • Healer Izuku Midoriya
    22K 506 9

    Izuku's quirk is the strongest healing quirk in all time. With pyro and telekinesis! How will Izuku follow the road if a hero!

    260 12 9

    𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐋𝐀𝐖𝐒 Cover made by Insta: elisabethlmao ------Izumi used to be a big fan of boku no hero academia, but ever since her school exams came by she stopped watching it. -------That will turn out to be her biggest mistake ever. Reborn as Deku, but female version? She's going to presume her dream to master the art...

  • Wings // HawksFemDeku
    3.8K 136 4

    (𝙊𝙉 𝙃𝙊𝙇𝘿 & 𝙍𝙀-𝙒𝙍𝙄𝙏𝙀) "Why are you protecting me?" The blonde haired man asked particularly to no one as his eyes locked on the figure of the green haired girl that laid her head on his laps, sleeping. Caressing her soft skin, the blonde haired man clenched his lips. "Why are you doing all of this? Why...

  • Winged
    7.2K 207 11

    Winged AU// Izuku is the child prodigy of Inko Midoriya, and an unknown father. He trained for many years with Pro-Hero Hawks in Kamino Ward, Yokohama. Hawks, upon seeing that Izuku would be better suited to school life, recommends him into UA, a prestigious school for rising heroes. But once inside the school, Izuku...

  • Fairy Queen
    2.5K 88 9

    What if All might was to late. What if soulmates existed. (Only mature because of Bakugo)

  • To stop it all °Tododeku°
    543 19 8

    Izuku Midoria Quirk: Nightmare Relatives/family: None Extra information: Seems to have anxiety and will refuse to trust anyone. Stutters when nervous, which is almost constantly. All known family is dead or missing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shoto Todoroki Quirk: Half-hot Half-cold Relatives: Father, Older siste...

  • Izuku Midoriya
    2.1K 89 14

    Sequel to Exchange Student❥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The second book is Bakugous point of view(pov) on how he's feeling and how he's been doing since Izuku was taken. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Highest ranking #5 in villain Midoriya Chapter 1; quick sneak peak! It was bright and early in the morning, the sun was rising and the sk...

  • The Forest - (FemDeku) Oashishu
    137 3 5

    Oashishu Midoriya, formerly known as Izumi Midoriya was diagnosed as quirkless at the age of 5. Her father left them a week later, Inko prioritizes Izumi's brother Izuko and sees him as a prodigy while she sees Izumi as a curse. After years of relentless bullying, abuse, and depression, Izumi at the tender age of 10...

  • A talent from Heaven(Fem Deku)
    3.7K 100 8

    Izumi has many hobbies that only a few people know about. I have added some people from haikyuu.

  • The winged deku
    12.4K 282 11

    deku has wings

  • Forever and Always
    1.3K 43 9

    I'm not very good at discriptions... But I hope this helps a little This story will follow the basics of the my hero series, sort of... There will be changes within the story line to fit this version that I'm writing. **DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS** In this story version, I only changed Izuku to I...

  • Two-Faced Hero | [DISCONTINUED]
    35.1K 718 37

    So I'm discontinuing this because I really feel like it was just something a younger, cringier me came up with at the spur of the moment. I've lost my spark for it. Kinda contemplating on deleting this too, honestly, this is probably one of the MOST embarrassing parts of my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Forbidden Bloodline (Bnha x Naruto)
    553 23 2

    Izuku wasn't supposed to be born. She is the product of a forbidden relationship between two ancient clans of power. The Hyuga and the Uchiha. For her safety her parents leave her in the protection of trustful hands before dissapearing, never being seen again. Now a teen Izuku is the guardian of her home and her fore...

  • Fem izuku x Kirishima
    875 14 4

    What if izuku isn't study middle school with katsuki but kirishima and mina and she also have a op quirks ( not one but 3 and she kept it a secret and so she put one quirk ) and then she help her classmates instead of mina and what will happen next

  • ◦•●◉✿ ~The greek goddess~ ✿◉●•◦
    204 3 3

    A little girl named Izuku Midoriya is very unique girl. She has a very powerful quirk with a mind of her own. How will she ever become a hero with her wandering mind?

  • Eclipse- A Bakudeku OMEGAVERSE Fanfic
    237K 6.4K 116

    🔥The alpha 🌱The omega 📺A very "classic" story, right? 🎈But add some parties 📟A loop ⏰Past, present and future 🖇️Unexpected twists 🙉Some fluff 🙈Some angst 🙊Some smut ❌And it's far from classic 💃Not overdone like Cinderella 🌔Eclipse * Best Rankings #1 in Bakudeku: 1/21/19 #8 in gay ships: 12/1/18 #6 in s...

  • What I should have said...
    11.2K 375 19

    Bakugo x Female Midoriya After graduation, Midoriya summons the courage to confess but is rejected. The shock causes her to disregard her career and abandon everyone from the hero course and family. After her mysterious disappearance, class 1A has been searching for her over the years with the determination to convinc...