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  • One Versus All (Justin Gabriel The Shield WWE)
    25.2K 661 18

    Rosalía "Lía" Snuka has always been different, as the younger halfsister of Tamina Snuka she's always lived in her sisters shadow, desperately seeking a way out. She's always been smaller and sweeter, which made people mistake her for being weak. She always wanted to find her own path, but also wanted more than anyth...

  • A Chink in the Armor (WWE Fan Fic)#Wattys2014
    356K 7.4K 64

    "A chance meeting could change a life." Her trainer told her. For Lindsay Sutton, the words could never have been more true. After bumping, literally, into one of the most popular men on the entire WWE roster, her life changes. Seth Rollins is one of the hottest wrestlers in the last five years. Having decimated all...

  • What Is Love? (WWE Fanfic)
    34.7K 832 37

    This is a WWE Fanfiction (my first story so BEWARE!!) umm yeahh.....bye :)

  • Believe in Gabby: A Shield Fanfiction
    1M 27.1K 226

    Gabby has lived a crazy life and has gone through more then the average 24 year old. Her brother is in WWE and is one of their top stars. His name is Daniel Bryan. The Raw after Summerslam, Gabby decides to come to the show, but runs into an unexpected guest(s). Read as Gabby fights the authority and the shield, but w...

  • My love roman reigns
    99K 2.4K 51

    Malia Bryan is the sister of Daniel Bryan. She is dating roman reigns. This is about her struggles.

  • The Lions Roar: A Shield Fanfiction
    82.5K 2K 20

    Abigail has been working her whole life to get to the WWE. Finally, Abigail gets signed to NXT and finally gets moved to the Main Roster. But WWE is harder then she imagined, with such a heavy schedule, but what happens when Abigail finds love in the locker room. Read to find out Abigail's journey from a nobody to a l...

  • (WWE) The Shield and Wicked Victoria
    12.6K 260 7

    Victoria is the new diva of WWE. Her best friend Kaityln help her get here and cheers her on. Daniel Bryan is her friend and a brother to her. They grew up together standing up for each other in high school. Victoria May be the new diva but soon she has some issue with triple h then the evolution and the shield. She m...

  • Working With The Shield (A WWE Novel)
    22.1K 665 9

    *Continuation from the story 'Captured By The Shield'* Jenna has just shown her true colours to the world by helping Dean Ambrose win the WWE title from John Cena at the TLC pay-per-view. She's now working with the Shield! What will Jenna do next? What will happen with the relationship between Dean and Jenna? Will th...