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 @MissAnOn3 bruh i've always wanted to go to australia >_< and it's winter there right now, right ?
 @TheTrueTerrydactyl lol I never played Prototype but it does kinda similar. xD

Okay brb posting, reserving post, pls do not comment yet
 @Dredge116 I've edited the original post of your cover with both of them... I hope you like them! :)
 @samsonreader3 Whatever works! Everyone is different in that regard. I am glad you found something that keeps you motivated. :) I make chapter notes as I go as well, mostly to figure out filler scenes between my main plot points. 
Pregunta: Cuando comienzan a escribir una historia, ¿ya tienen decidido el final? o lo crean durante el camino?
i would love to visit anywhere in America, ive always wanted to go but ive never left australia, i dont even have a passport! 

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