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In which Mira is Sebastian's world.

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What's your favourite song? (2.0)

Currently, it's Rise by Jack and Jack. I saw them at the teen awards and decided to start listening to their music.

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There I was, standing next to the love of my life, staring at the woman I once had strong feelings for (because it wasn't love, I knew it wasn't) and it still felt so surreal. She looked more vibrant, happy even, and it was such a difference than the woman I knew.

Our relationship wasn't the best. I couldn't love her the way she deserved and after Cade had died, our relationship changed for the worst. The moments where we just held each other and spoke about our dreams — hers being a doctor and mine owning my own business — were gone and the last few weeks were filled with just sex.

But then, almost seven years later, there we were, in the same place but not together. It made me realise just how bad we were for each other. I had withdrawn from her emotionally and Cade's death ate away at our sanity.

"Are you okay?" Mira asked, her soft hand sliding to my shoulder as she looked up at me.

I tore my eyes away from Serena and stared down her. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her ruby red lips parted as she repeated the question. I couldn't stop myself from pressing a soft kiss to her lips as I answered more calmly than I actually felt. "I'm okay, pumpkin. I'm just shocked — she's the last person I'd expect to see here."

And that was the truth. We had met at secondary school but started dating at the start of university. Her and her family moved to Cambridge that same year, which I would've expected she'd stay for the rest of her life. But, I was clearly wrong.

"What a small world." Mira muttered under her breath, but I heard her anyway and nodded in agreement. The whole situation felt so surreal. I didn't even stop to think about how Mira felt about all of this. I knew that when we saw Weston, jealousy coursed through me and she wasn't even my girlfriend at the time. I could only imagine what was going through her mind.

Peering down at her, I took my arm from around her waist and linked our fingers together. "You don't have to worry about anything, okay?" I stated, watching her eyes soften. "You're always going to be the one for me."

She smiled softly and sighed. "This night is turning out to be more dramatic than I thought it'd be."

The chatter around us rose again and people began mingling. From across the hall, I could see her vibrant red hair and she stuck out like a sore thumb against everyone else. I was hyper aware of her presence and I found myself doing my best to avoid her.

Person after person approached me and spoke about business ventures they wanted to do with my company. But, I was good at deflecting their questions and focused on what we were there for: the hospital.

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