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In which Sebastian has a sex appeal.

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please point out any typos (kindly). Again, I'm sorry for the long wait for TCP. I do intend on finishing this book but please do try to understand that I have a life outside of wattpad and I'm being kept busy in the summer by a number of things x. Enjoy!

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THE SATIN SHEETS FLATTENED AGAINST MY body, the feeling of the floor being replaced by the softness of a bed. Opening my eyes, I stretched across the bed, looking to my left.

I was in the bed alone, but there was a tray of breakfast foods to my right, a note placed in front of the tall glass of what smelt like lemonade.

Reaching for the note, I read Sebastian's neat handwriting with a small smile on my face.

'We should probably make you sleeping over at my place a thing since I couldn't wake you up this morning. :) There's a spare toothbrush in the bathroom. Have some breakfast, and I'll get George to drive you back to your place. See you later, pumpkin.

- Sebastian.'

Falling in love with how his bed felt, I lingered for a couple more minutes before I sat up. I was still in the clothes I had worn the day before, but I didn't have to worry too much about getting home with the media on my back since George would most likely drive me straight to my door.

After I finished the full English breakfast, I combed a hand through my wavy hair, fixing it to the best of my ability before I stepped out of Sebastian's bedroom.

"Well, I never pegged Sebastian as a one night stand kind of guy."

The voice shocked me as I turned to face a guy who gave me a small smirk. He stood on crutches and slowly lowered himself onto the sofa. "You certainly are very beautiful."

Warmth flooded my cheeks, but it wasn't very noticeable. "I-I'm just a friend, we were having dinner and I fell asleep after."

He studied me very closely, rendering me with a small nod. "I'm James Douglas, his best friend."

Proceeding to walk towards him, I held my hand out politely. "It's a pleasure to meet you, James."

He took my hand and shook it. "The pleasure is all mine."

I blushed once again, but as it wasn't noticeable, James only focused on my smile. "Where is Sebastian, though?"

James massaged his leg, and checked his watch. "He had a board meeting this morning. He should be coming back now because he's going to the hospital."

My eyebrows met in confusion. If they were going to the hospital, it would most likely be because of James' leg, but if he was going to the hospital, was he injured?

"How come he's going to the hospital?"

A flash of confusion passed James' features before he sighed tiredly. "His sister gave birth last night."

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