Chapter Fifty One

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Sent: September 23, 3:27:52 PM EDT

To: Undisclosed recipients

Subject: The Dark Brokerage Has Been Compromised

Hello. The Dark Brokerage has been compromised. Your personal information is safely encrypted and is not in the hands of the authorities. However, as a precaution to you, the Administration is shutting down the website until we can ensure the legal threat has passed. We will contact you as soon as we launch the Dark Brokerage 2.0 and once again begin facilitating transactions.

In the meantime, we have identified one of the individuals responsible for the security breach. His name is Finn Harding. His current whereabouts are unknown. Consider this communication an open contract on his life. We have secured twenty-five thousand dollars in escrow for anyone willing to remove Mr. Harding from circulation. Contact us at the above address for additional information.

Until we chat again. Happy hunting.

The Administration

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