Chapter Seventeen - Always His Mama Bear

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Not happy about Jonathan coming over.

At all

Now all I can see is a threat to my marriage.

Honestly before I didn't know now I do.

What if he reverts? I don't want I loose Alejandro!

Breath women breath!

I had trouble staying focused as I give Alex his lunch. This is normal right? Being nervous about the man who called another man the love of his life once. I know Alejandro can say or think and the same he can say about me but he knows That he can trust me so I should trust him and if I sense my lie detector in my brain would go off and all hell will break loose!


I heard the Front door open and loud foot steps walking in. I look down at myself I still look like I did this morning before Alejandro left.

Alex cooed as he open his mouth showing his two little itsy bitsy teeth. I did an airplane and flew the spoon into his mouth making him giggle as he eats his banana desert.

"Babe!" I heard Alejandro

"In the kitchen."  I replied back as Alex finished his lunch and I gave him his chew toys to bite on as I stood up and walked up to the sink counter and passed the plates to one of house staff washing dishes. As I returned back Alejandro walked in and suddenly took me into his arms and lifted me off the floor!

"Are you okay? Not scared? What Happen! I know you told me what happen but tell me again!" He said all at once I looked up at him and his eyes were concern and worries. I've seen this look before a week prior to giving birth to Nina. When he settles me down back on the floor.

"I'm find the nervousness left 20 mins ago." I lied, "Liar" he said kissing my forehead. He has a lie detector too....

"Well then I'm trying to be okay since our son felt what I was feeling. But I was in the studio and I had the strange feeling that I was being watched. So I went to the window and looked out and there she is a red head women with black sunglasses looking straight into the house. I think once shame saw me she started to move and then I called security and they looked all over and yes I was scared and nervous and I thought I was going to have am anxiety attack or something." I said looking down at his shirt.

The staff behind us left the room but our chef stayed behind cooking. "Al, she has been nervous checking the windows especially since the younger kids who already arrived from school were wanting to go outside. My granddaughter and 6 of the other staff kids are inside in Nina's playroom for safety." the chef said.

Alejandro's mother walked in hugging me hello and then took Alex out when Al said our guest our waiting.

I took Al's hand and walked with him down the highway. Unease about Jonathan, "are you alright Malia?" He said my name! Oh NO! My worries are coming back to me. I look up at him nodding. If I Were to open my mouth he would know I'm lying. Most certainly not ok.

We stopped right there, "Look at me Malia." Alejandro said with his serious tone.

It's happening his serious voice is bad news! I take a deep breath and look up expecting serious business like eyes but that's where I'm wrong his eyes are soft filled with worry and concerns. "Don't lie to me please I can feel your not grip me hand tight when your nervous, worry, and afraid usually." He rose my hands to his lips and kissed my hands. "I'm faithful to you mama bear don't worry about Jonathan." All the worries and fear faded away like the sun had finally came out of hiding from the clouds.

" If he tries anything I will tell you." He said letting go of my hand and wrapping his arms around me. As he pulls me in and kisses me on my lips then ok my forehead.

"How did you know." I asked him curiously.

"I was jealous this morning when Mason came in and he confessed you that he still loves you made angry." He said  taking a deep breath "my ex is now under our roof so I figure knowing you love me as I love you would be jealous and concern. Plus the whole intruder in our back yard makes it worst for you."

This man still keeping my guard up with Jonathan now Alejandro. Like I said before Alejandro is a man of faith full commitment he would not budge. We walked into the study with his arms still around my shoulder. "Good Afternoon  Jonathan." I said politely.

"Malia" he simply said

"Jonathan found out something pretty disturbing between Ms. Renee and Sol...." He looks between me and Jonathan.

"Elizabeth Renee is a fraud of a lawyer and an expert in counterfeiting documents. I had documents I found suspicious checked and were fakes."
The room was quiet and then he spoke again. "I checked his copy of the divorce papers Mason still holds in his office I had it checked it  and it's a fake."

"What!! What do you mean it's Fake! I'm still married to him." What! I looked up at Alejandro and then felt uneasy and fell back into the closest chairs with Alejandro still holding me.

"Does Sol know about it?" I asked Jonathan he shook his head no. Oh my god I'm not married to the father of my son! Deep breath again deep breaths!

"Sol was the mastermind behind everything  in the plan to get you both divorce she has an illegal love for Mason..." I looked up at him. "What! She's in love with her brother."

"Yes" he said too much for one day! Way to much!

"Looks like you and your daughter can move out now and go back to your legal husband." Jonathan said looking around the house. "Excuse me!"  Alejandro stood up and stepped closer to him. "This is Malia's and Nina's home they are my family! She is my wife and Nina will always be my daughter! You left remember you have no rights what so ever" Alejandro said angrily.  I stood up "we thank you for the information Jonathan" I said bold as the front door slammed open.

"Mommy!  Daddy!!" Nina said running into the study. She stopped her tracks when she saw Jonathan. "Oh Hello!" She walked up to Alejandro and I, kissing her cheeks and hugging her "hello baby girl." I said "princess go to your play room the kids are in there." Alejandro said Malia smiled and nodded as she ran out of the room.

"I think this is your cue to go." Alejandro said.

"Okay but mark my words she will run back to Mason she's still his wife."

"OUT!" I yell out!

"Good Bye Mr. Posada and Mrs. Michealson" he said smiling as he left the house.

I turn around looking up Alejandro. "I'll be upstairs looking for the Original  Divorce Paper." Alejandro said

"What happens if the Divorce Papers are fakes?"

"Nothing it's what you decide." He said he had fear in his eyes.

"I'm choosing to divorce him." His eyes changed to relief and quickly takes him into his arms again and holds me safe and sound. "I love you Malia Posada would will always be my mama bear."

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