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A/N: In this fanfic Luke and Shawn aren't famous.


Ashley's P.O.V:

Here I am. Sitting in the living room, looking through the window at the falling snow. I could drive somewhere with my older brother, Luke, somewhere but the snow on the road is slushy and grey and it may cause an accident. We are alone at home, waiting for our siblings to come back home.

An anegdote about my family: I am now 16 years old, but will be 17 in April. I have an older brother named Luke, who is 18 now, but will be 19 in July. I have two more siblings: Jason who is gonna be 18 in July and Sofia aka Sofi who has just turned 13 in April. Luke and I's parents divorced some years ago and then my mom, Catherine, moved with us from Los Angeles to my stepfather, Alejandro who is from Mexico but lives in Canada since his childhood, and their children - Jason and Sofia. 

But coming back to the topic... Luke and I are alone at home, waiting for Jason or Sofi to come back home from their mother's house. 

"Hey, let's get go somewhere, it's boring here." Luke starts the conversation between us.

"It's minus 20 degrees and I don't want to get sick. Also it's snowing heavily." I say.

"Oh come one, we're gonna walk not drive. Plus if you gained more you wouldn't be pessimistic about that" Luke jokes.

I roll my eyes.

"Very funny, Luke," I say. "But okay, let's go for food at least"

"Alright, shop '7-eleven'?" He asks and I nod.

When we get there, we see our neighbour, Shawn Mendes who hates my brother and vice versa. I may say that I have a small crush on Shawn. He's turning 19 in August, a captain of our school's basketball and volleyball team, he's a bad boy and and average student, but there's something which makes me love him. Of course I didn't tell anybody about that I have a crush on Mendes. I know that he won't love me so I just don't want people to make fun of me when they would somehow know.

"Uhhhh, Hemmings, long time to see, huh? " Mendes starts but Luke ignores him.

"Hemmings! Stop ignoring me!" Shawn stands in front of tbe dior of a store and he can't go inside.

"Get out of the way, Mendes!" My brother yells.

Mendes just stand there.

"GET OUT!" Luke yells again.

"And what if I don't want to?" Mendes smirks.

I see Luke can't stand it and push Mendes on the door and it opens. They start fighting in the shop. The security guard is trying to push each other away. I am scared. I want to do something but before I make a move, they stop fighting. Mendes has big bruices all of his face and his nose is bleeding and Luke only has a bruice on his eye. Police didn't arrive because both my brother and Mendes left as soon as possible and nobod called for it.

I am still wondering how they became that rivals. Yeah, they didn't like each other, but I wouldn't ever imagine that they would act like that.

There must be something between them.

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