The Apocalypse. (A Team Crafted Fanfic) *ON HOLD (very slow updates)*

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_Yewerz By _Yewerz Updated 4 months ago
Iris Tamsin is just a normal teenage girl. She has dark blonde hair (with lighter blonde highlights) grey eyes, and has a passion for minecraft and archery. Her parents let her practice archery in their huge back garden, and she loves watching minecraft youtubers (like Team Crafted) on her laptop. She does this nearly every day. She has a twin sister called Emerald, who is emotionally strong and never seems to get upset. Emerald also loves minecraft. They are all healthy and have enough money to live on. It's a nice life for them. They are just one small, normal, happy family.   That is, until the apocalypse...
TopherDeTopher TopherDeTopher a year ago
Oh. My. Gods. WHY THE HELL DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER? You're such an amazing writer! Seeing your writing makes me feel jealous. But of course, you are older than me.
Chanse808 Chanse808 a year ago
I\'m excited to see how this goes. I\'ve seen many appacolypse stories, but none like this.
Stephkitty77 Stephkitty77 a year ago
This is a great book so far! Cant wait to see what happens! :)
Youtubeforlife Youtubeforlife a year ago
This is an awesome story! Can\'t wait for the next chapter!! :D
cosmicflower cosmicflower a year ago
Anything with bajancandian or Mitch in it is where Im at!!!!1