He was never mine [BXB]{On-Going~}

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_DQueenB By _DQueenB Updated 4 months ago
A story about two De Vendome half- brothers who happens to grow in an opposite face of life. Aleksander was born royal while Kaiden, though the second son of Lord Augustus, was treated peasant since he was a child from a commoner named Lisa. Since the lord cannot let his child live a peasant way Kaiden’s mother was ordered to deliver him to the mansion and stayed there for three years for training of becoming his half-brother’s slave. 

       What will happen if the first born son and heir to the throne happens to fetish kinky carnal knowledge but not just wild and kinky sex with anybody but sex with his half-brother/slave,Kaiden?

        Will Aleksander's desires result to something favorable for the two of them or it will result to havoc inside their family? 


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This book is a work of fiction. All characters and situations are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people, places or events is coincidental.

Warning: May contain foul languages, graphic sex scene, boy on boy relationship, angst, extremely rude behaviour, abuse. Read at your own risk.
anexa94 anexa94 4 months ago
and im interested!!! what a fresh twist and a little bit of kinky huhu love it!!!!
Words_She_Wrote Words_She_Wrote 4 months ago
Another thing: did everybody else know that rāped is considered a swear word? I mean how?
Words_She_Wrote Words_She_Wrote 4 months ago
I just have to because this says "raped" when it should be "wrapped". I wont correct a mistake again.
yaoigoddess01 yaoigoddess01 a year ago
This seems like it's gonna be hard for me to deal with. I get so enraged when people get abused.
DiDi_XD DiDi_XD a year ago
oh whoa... O.o Ok, this master dude is one rough guy! This sounds like an interesting story and I'll say your writing style is really good too :)