One Shots (Rated R)

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cherrypop12 By cherrypop12 Updated 3 days ago
Apparently ever Rated R writer needs a collection on dirty one shots (?). Who knows...Either way, this is my collection and I hope that those who do read, enjoy it. Next to each One-Shot in brackets will be the sexual orientation of the One-Shot and any other info you may want to know just in advance. 

Also, the 4th One Shot {Gym Membership} is private-sorry, it was done by Wattpad, not me! But that is because it is WAY steamier than the others, so I highly recommend you check it!

!!!Please don't read these if you are not mature enough, or cannot handle the Rated R stuff. I don't want to be responsible for the tainting of innocent minds. !!!

Plus I do accept requests, inboxing me with them would be preferable since then we can discuss specifics (if needed) and also doesn't spoil the surprise for other readers and I'm more likely to read it. I do only get around to them slowly, but depending on the request I may dedicate! :P *Oh and please be aware it'll be my take on the request*
This needs to become a story. I'm begging you, make it a story!
so happy that r making this an actual book later on cant wait
KamariBrooks KamariBrooks 13 days ago
I'm starting at im iphone screen eyes wide open in shock I think
KamariBrooks KamariBrooks 13 days ago
Pig... Oh wait what about when she's on her you know . . . If you what I mean
Majestic_lex Majestic_lex 14 days ago
So is this where they realize they actually love each other, get married, and have another child?
Catburglar4u Catburglar4u 18 days ago
Always answer the knock at the door.  Talk about opportunity.