Poetry From My Messed Up Mind (Poetry book 2)

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lee12543 By lee12543 Updated 2 years ago


DavidJohan DavidJohan 2 years ago
@lee12543 It only proves that it is the soul writing, and the mind rationalizing. Accept the sins that allow us life.
Keep writing, this is the poetry I have been searching for.
DavidJohan DavidJohan 2 years ago
@lee12543 It's not just words put together, these are raw emotions translated into true poetry!
It is a piece of soul you sacrificed to bring terrifying beauty into a world of despair and agony. without a doubt some of the best of modern times.
XxJessieGorexX XxJessieGorexX 2 years ago
I enjoyed this poem, but it seems short. Other than that it flows really well and I can see the deeper meaning of it. Good job.
TommyGirl TommyGirl 2 years ago
I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to convey, but I think if you lengthened the poem and clarified and wrote a bit more it would improve that. The descriptions are pretty good. If you put in punctuation that would be helpful as well. Keep up the good work!
hillycruz hillycruz 2 years ago
@lee12543 I really like your poetry. It's out there, it presents, it wants to be known.
hillycruz hillycruz 2 years ago
I like short poems because they have the most meaning. It attracts readers of all kinds. I enjoyed this one and will continue to read the rest :)